Police canine overheats and dies after search for suspect

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A working canine with the Arlington Police Department in Texas, succumbed to heat exhaustion on Tuesday while searching for an aggravated assault suspect. The Arlington Police Department issued details of the tragic situation to Facebook … Read More

Drug-sniffing K9 perishes in hot car

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A yellow Labrador retriever, who worked as a drug-sniffing canine for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections,  died after being forgotten inside of a parked vehicle. According to Tuesday’s publication of Penn Live, the two-year-old … Read More

Alachua K-9 dies after forgotten in patrol car

In Alachua County, Florida, a six-and-a-half-year-old K-9 officer for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office Swat team died on Friday after he was left for hours in a patrol car, reports Action News.

Robbie the K9

Deputy Tommy Wilcox, … Read More

Another dead dog found at former officer’s home


A former Cherokee County school resource officer has a good deal of explaining to do after authorities in Georgia discovered the body of a dog at a residence in Paulding County. Daniel Peabody, formerly a … Read More

Heartbroken and defeated, dumped dog stares into the wall of his shelter prison

Altered chow chow

Betrayed by his owner and left with just the memories of his past, an eight-year-old Chow Chow named Oso stares into the wall of the noisy and overcrowded Downey Animal Care Center. His family surrendered … Read More

Update: Owner dumps 11-year-old dog because she was old, sick, didn’t walk well


UPDATE: Ladie has been rescued by Leave No Paws Behind. At the shelter, this sad senior wouldn’t get up for a treat, but make sure to check out her “freedom” photos shown here. According to … Read More

Loyal dogs save family from aggressive snake slithering in home

Indian dog kills snake

Two loyal dogs from Salem, Tamil Nadu, located in the south of India, saved their family from an aggressive rat snake by tearing it apart in a  protective tug-of-war, reports the Daily Mail.

The family … Read More

Retired police K9 stabbed after attacking man

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A retired police canine received fatal stab wounds after he inexplicably attacked a 20-year-old man who had given him water, reported Tuesday’s publication of the Los Angeles Times. The German shepherd, named “Thor,” was wandering … Read More