German shepherd saves his human companion moments before Italian earthquake struck

In Italy, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake completely destroyed historic towns and cities this week, reducing them to little more than concrete, sand and rubble. It wasn’t long before the 4.1 magnitude aftershock hit, accounting for … Read More

14-pound little ‘Hero’ left to suffer in ditch

In Elizabethtown, North Carolina, Animal Control found a barely alive, little mass of tangles and filth in a ditch on the side of the road.Hero the dog When they called A Shelter Friend for help on Saturday, … Read More

Kingman police K-9 dies from heat exhaustion after search for injured hikers

On Saturday, a Kingman Police K-9 officer suffered from heat exhaustion after searching for injured hikers near White Cliff, reported the police department on their Facebook page:Kingman police dog

“**Line of Duty Death: K9 Amigo**

It is

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Devoted dog perishes in fire while protecting baby

A Maryland woman’s eight-month-old baby is alive today thanks to a devoted dog who perished while doing his utmost to protect her from a devastating house fire. According Friday’s ABC 13 News, Erika Poremski’s … Read More

Elderly German shepherd credited with saving family

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An elderly German shepherd has been credited with saving his family from a devastating house fire in Arkansas, reported Monday’s Arkansas Matters. Despite failing eyesight and arthritis, “Duke,” managed to alert the Cash family … Read More

Dog breaks out window to help save unconscious owner

TeddyBeardog 010 (2015_11_26 19_36_07 UTC)

A clever dog is being hailed a hero for managing to break out a window to help save his (or her?) owner, who was unconscious inside of a residence in Northvale, New Jersey. According to … Read More

Pit bull seriously injured saving woman from knife attack

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A pit bull dubbed “Hero,” lived up to his newfound name when he put himself between a knife-wielding man and a woman who was being attacked in Baldwin, Georgia. According to Sunday’s ABC 7 News,Read More

Hero dog saves injured owner, called a real life ‘Lassie’

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A devoted dog is being called a hero, and compared to “Lassie,” after doing his part to lead rescuers to his injured owner, who fell while on a hike in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, reported Friday’s… Read More