Hero pit bull puppy stops would-be rapist

A five-month-old hero pit bull puppy knows where his loyalty lies – he managed to stave off a would-be rapist who attacked his favorite human – 18-year-old Maya Fairweather. According to the New York PostRead More

NY Knicks presents wounded vet with service dog in center court

On a special day, when we honor the veterans who so bravely defend our great country, comes the heartwarming story of a decorated Army veteran who met his long awaited service dog Wednesday evening at … Read More

Abandoned baby guarded from harm by 4 stray dogs

In Purulia, India, a seven-day-old abandoned baby was guarded from harm by four stray dogs. According to the Times of India, although the dogs couldn’t do much to help, they circled around her and … Read More

Dog saves owner from would-be rapist

On Tuesday night, a woman in Northern Ireland was just minutes from her mother’s house when a violent stranger clamped his hand over her mouth and pulled her into the shadows. According to Friday’s publication … Read More

Hero pooch rescues woman’s prosthetic leg from ocean

When an elderly woman’s prosthetic leg was accidentally carried off into the ocean by a gigantic wave, a dog who had  been walking along the beach with his owner, came to the rescue on the … Read More

Rescued shelter pit bull saves life of newborn fawn

In Paupack Township, Pennsylvania, a 100-pound Great Dane and pit bull mix named Willow became a newborn fawn’s surrogate mother for a short time after the baby’s mother was scared away by an approaching bear, … Read More

Sick child’s wish to pet Golden Retrievers comes true

Never have there been so many breathtakingly beautiful Golden Retrievers gathered in one place in Singapore, but a little boy’s birthday wish via Make-A-Wish Foundation  brought more than a 100 happy pups together at the … Read More

Corrections officer charged with animal cruelty in death of his K9 companion

In Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, a corrections officer has been charged with animal cruelty after a K-9 officer used for drug detection died in his care in July after left in a hot vehicle for hours, reports … Read More

Video: Hero search and rescue dog finds little girl alive in Italian earthquake rubble

As the 6.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed the Italian town of Amatrice, leveling most of the buildings and crumbling the streets into little more than rubble, human and dog heroes continue to tell some of the … Read More

Heartbreaking photo of loyal Cocker Spaniel who stood by his owner’s coffin after Italy earthquake

A little blond Cocker Spaniel stood loyalty at the side of his owner’s casket and repeatedly pawed at the coffin in the gymnasium in Ascoli Piceno not understanding why his human couldn’t respond, reports the … Read More