Frantic mother dog clawed through rubble to rescue her newborn puppies

In a poignant video released this week and shared by Animal Aid Unlimited, a frantic mother dog could be seen clawing her way underneath a house’s foundation digging deeper into the rubble.

“This frantic

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K-9 Officer Thor died in Mississippi when air-conditioning malfunctioned

Eight-year-old K-9 Officer Thor died in Mississippi last week after he had been left in a patrol car when the air-conditioning malfunctioned on an extremely hot day.

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Loyal dog died 15-minutes after owner passed away from brain cancer

In Alloa, Scotland, a loyal dog died 15-minutes after his beloved owner passed away from brain cancer after battling the disease for eight years. Stuart Hutchinson, 25, died on August 11.

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Survivor of Vick’s Bad Newz Kennel Vicktory Dog Mel has passed away

Vicktory Dog Mel passed away on Wednesday. The elderly Staffordshire terrier lived to 14-years-old, and his family from Best Friends Animal Society had the fortune to have known and loved him for the last 11 … Read More

Superhero dog shot in face protecting family from carjackers

In Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, a superhero dog was shot in the face protecting his family from carjackers in the victims own yard. Derrick Mfengwana said his dog, Guluva, leaped at the carjacking gang after … Read More

Cyclist finds 72-year-old man and his dogs stranded in desert

An avid cyclist, riding through an isolated Oregon high desert region, helped to save the life of a 72-year-old man and his two dogs on a recent ride through the canyon. Tomas Quinones found an … Read More

Dog barked warning tenants in Bronx fire and saving lives

On Friday morning, a family dog barked and barked – warning tenants in a Bronx apartment building that something was wrong. The flames billowed up into the air sending seven people, including four fire fighters, … Read More

One of last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s cruelty dies

One of the last dogs saved from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring of egregious cruelty has died. The American Staffordshire terrier named Lyla was 15 1/2 years old – a great age to achieve for … Read More

Loyal sheepdog tried to protect his herd as they left for slaughter

In one of the most heartbreaking events, a loyal sheepdog tried to protect his herd of sheep as the doomed flock were loaded into a truck and left for their journey to the slaughterhouse. The … Read More

Loyal dog shot protecting her family during home invasion

In Houston, Texas, a family’s loyal dog tried to protect his family during a home invasion on Friday night. The dog came to the rescue, but was shot twice by the one of the four … Read More