70 dogs and cats removed from ‘horrific’ conditions at Toledo rescue organization

More than 70 dogs and cats belonging to the TLU Rescue were removed from two different properties on Friday night, reports humane officers in a press release from the Ohio SPCA & Humane Society and … Read More

Woman charged with animal cruelty after 5 puppies found dead

In Greenville, North Carolina, authorities made a grizzly discovery after a witness reported a dead puppy in the backyard of a South Washington Street home, reports WnctNews. Cynthia Eatte Tyson

On July 27, officers initially found the decomposing … Read More

Dog walker charged with kicking and beating disabled man’s dog

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, an 18-year-old dog walker faces animal cruelty charges after he was caught on camera kicking and beating a dog, reports the CTPost.dog paw Getty images

Xavier Surles, 18, was seen on cameras walking near Interstate … Read More

Rescuers have less than 3 hours to save friendly shepherd from being euth’ed

Update 8/23/16: Devastating news – Emanuel was killed.

On a busy Monday, the Devore Animal Shelter in California is overcrowded  and have had to make life and death decisions. In three hours, unless there is … Read More

Man who videoed himself raping dogs – stripped and beaten by animal activists

It’s called vigilante justice; a man in the Shiling area of Chengdu, China who videoed himself beating dogs into submission and then having sex with them,Man stripped naked after having sex with dog was tracked down by a group of animal activists, … Read More

Puma ad under fire promoting stigma of pit bulls chained ‘gangsta’ style

In her second Puma campaign, 18-year-old model Kylie Jenner posed with a pay phone and two dogs in a pretend hip hop style – taking the scene back to the ’80s as she continues to … Read More

Bonded German shepherds homeless and scheduled to be euth’ed after owner’s death

In an emergency plea for help, two purebred bonded German shepherds are in desperate need of rescue. In June, Betsey and Berta’s owner died.Bonded German shepherds No one else in the family would care for the dogs, … Read More

Plight of the unknown – a dog in need of rescue

She is being called “Babette,” but her real name, if she was ever given one, is unknown. What happened to make Babette malnourished is also an unknown…as is her history.

What is known is that … Read More

14-pound little ‘Hero’ left to suffer in ditch

In Elizabethtown, North Carolina, Animal Control found a barely alive, little mass of tangles and filth in a ditch on the side of the road.Hero the dog When they called A Shelter Friend for help on Saturday, … Read More

Missing German shepherd found in Gravesend Bay

A white German shepherd, who managed to slip away from his owner’s yard in Coney Island, New York, was found in a rather unlikely place. The dog, named “Chase,” disappeared during stormy weather on Thursday … Read More