Dog freed from ‘hell on Earth’ when cable removed from flesh


A rescue agency in New York is shocked and outraged by the dismal condition of a dog who was recently brought to them for care. On Tuesday, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs introduced Facebook followers Read More

Dogs delivered to shelter in trailer full of horse poop


Recently, a person drove to the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, with several dogs who were delivered to the facility in a trailer full of horse poop. Apparently the individual who was surrendering … Read More

Adopted as cute puppy and returned years later as an old shepherd

Nine years ago, Lobo was an adorable. fluffy puppy adopted into the eagerly awaiting arms of his new family from the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California. And this is Lobo’s latest photo – a senior … Read More

Puppies abandoned in Arkansas driveway


Not long ago, a litter of adorable, young puppies was abandoned in someone’s driveway in Arkansas. Fortunately for the discarded pups, a safe haven was close at hand. Janice Wolf, founder of Rocky Ridge Refuge, … Read More

Tortured dog found in Cairo without a nose finds love in Texas home

Someone brutally tortured a sweet Egyptian Baladi,  (native Egyptian breed) dubbed Anubis in Cairo not long ago. Imagine this boy’s luck – from hiding under a car scrounging for food, most likely not far from … Read More

Injured puppy alone after sister adopted from shelter


An injured German shepherd puppy is alone at a busy, high-intake animal control facility in Gardena, California, following the adoption of her sister, who arrived to the shelter at the same time. The 10-month-old pup, … Read More

Advocates stage protest against Lancaster SPCA in case of abused puppy Libre

In Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, a tiny Boston terrier puppy named Libre left for dead at a Lancaster puppy mill, slowly recovers and continues to garner supporters and fans across the country as the staff at Dillsburg … Read More

Senior Lab dumped at shelter because he wouldn’t ‘stay in his yard’

A ten-year-old senior Labrador retriever lies brokenhearted in a kennel cage at the Valencia County Animal Shelter in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Valencia Shelter dog

Surrendered to the shelter; no name given, his owner decided the dog had … Read More

Bonded buddies found as strays, owner rejected them and now they cry in their kennel cage

When Shadow and Chloe were found running free, the two friendly dogs were picked up by Animal Control in Long Island, New York just previous to the 4th of July weekend. Shadow and Chloe

Shadow, a six- year-young Read More

Forgotten German shepherd – do you see me?


A beautiful German shepherd is waiting to be noticed from behind the bars of her kennel run at the Riverside County Animal Control – Coachella Shelter in Thousand Palms, California. The dog, whose name is … Read More