Exhausted toy poodle rescued from Potomac River

No one knows where the tired little toy poodle came from, but she is one lucky little pooch. When the exhausted toy poodle whimpered, a Good Samaritan sitting on a bench in Old Town Alexandria, … Read More

Puppy rescued from earthquake rubble adopted by firemen

A puppy rescued from earthquake rubble ravaged Italian city of Norcia has been adopted by the rescue workers who saved his life. On October 29, the black and white Border collie was pulled out from … Read More

Update on Pascal: 4-month-old puppy drowned in glue

The four-month-old puppy drowned in glue and dragged through the mud and left to languish in misery along an industrial estate in Istanbul is beginning to recover. According to Nur Rima Yola, the founder of… Read More

Exhausted stray pup at Chicago shelter

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Charges filed against owners of mangy puppy found lying on dirty laundry

In Houston, Texas, the Houston Humane Society, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5 have filed charges against the owners of a mangy puppy found lying on dirty laundry … Read More

Only 4 of 8 Great Dane puppies abandoned on side of road survive

In Mayes County, Oklahoma, an unidentified heartless dog owner or possible “backyard breeder” abandoned eight puppies on the side of the road on Monday. According to the rescue group, Saving Whiskers and Tails, only … Read More

Detroit woman demands man beating bleeding dog surrender animal

A woman in Detroit, who saw a man heartlessly beating a bleeding dog, followed the abuser and demanded he surrender the dog or she would call the police. According to Fox2News, Brianne Smith was emotionally … Read More

8 neglected dogs abandoned in crate in parking lot

On Sunday, a Good Samaritan found eight neglected dogs abandoned in a remote, gravel parking lot that had been locked inside of a crate secured with zip lock ties in the Richmond area of Surrey, … Read More

Update: Emaciated dogs left to starve after hurricane as owner walks away

Investigators in Brevard County, Florida continue to search for the owners of two emaciated dogs left to starve in a home in Grant Valkaria. On Tuesday, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office updated the status of … Read More

Incredible cruelty as kids drowned dog in glue just for fun

In an unconscionable act of animal cruelty, a puppy – barely alive, stood as stiff as a statue, in a cartoon box he was brought to the shelter. What happened to him in Istanbul, Turkey … Read More