Dog with missing leg found on dirt road

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A Georgia-based rescue agency is hoping to save a severely injured dog who was discovered on a dirt road with one leg torn off. According to Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, the dog, whom … Read More

30 emaciated pit bulls – some dead prompts Lake Mathews animal cruelty investigation

At a filthy and garbage strewn home near Lake Mathews in LaSierra, California, more than 30 malnourished dogs were found on Wednesday, reports the Press Enterprise. riverside abandoned dogs

“The place is a mess,” stated John Welsh for

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Desperate pup who eluded being euthanized ready for his new home

A five-year-old collie destined to be euthanized last week in an Alabama county shelter has officially arrived at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  Lucky euthanized headed 2Now being bathed and medically treated for a moderate case of demodetic mange, … Read More

11-year-old girl raises $250 in birthday funds for neglected puppy mill victim Libre

In Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, 11-year-old Liberty Miller declined all birthday presents and instead asked for the cash value; just so she could donate to the recovery expenses of a tiny puppy mill Boston terrier survivor named … Read More

Young puppy maimed with scissors


A young pit bull puppy, fondly referred to as a “pitopotamus” was recently discovered with horribly maimed ears – ears which were presumably chopped off with scissors. According to Monday’s 12 News, the seven-week-old puppy … Read More

Kept to breed and thrown away, young German shepherd deserves new life

During her short life, Judy appears to have been neglected, used recently for breeding and then thrown away like yesterday’s trash.  Brought to the Carson Animal Care Center in California on July 17, the three-year-old … Read More

Dog freed from ‘hell on Earth’ when cable removed from flesh


A rescue agency in New York is shocked and outraged by the dismal condition of a dog who was recently brought to them for care. On Tuesday, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs introduced Facebook followers Read More

Dogs delivered to shelter in trailer full of horse poop


Recently, a person drove to the Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California, with several dogs who were delivered to the facility in a trailer full of horse poop. Apparently the individual who was surrendering … Read More

Adopted as cute puppy and returned years later as an old shepherd

Nine years ago, Lobo was an adorable. fluffy puppy adopted into the eagerly awaiting arms of his new family from the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California. And this is Lobo’s latest photo – a senior … Read More

Puppies abandoned in Arkansas driveway


Not long ago, a litter of adorable, young puppies was abandoned in someone’s driveway in Arkansas. Fortunately for the discarded pups, a safe haven was close at hand. Janice Wolf, founder of Rocky Ridge Refuge, … Read More