Memphis dog who fell 20 feet off overpass is back home

A Memphis, Tennessee a German shepherd who fell 20 feet off an overpass on Sunday is back home – suffering only minor injuries. According to Wreg News, the dog jumped off t he Union … Read More

Abandoned in the desert, tiny dog found comfort in old sofa

Someone just didn’t want her, but instead of asking friends for help, notifying area rescues or shelters, the tiny dog’s owner abandoned her in the desert near the Redlands in California. The frightened dog scavenged … Read More

Owner used barbaric motor oil treatment on dog’s skin infection

Near Houston, Texas a dog dubbed Pete nearly died after having to endure a barbaric motor oil treatment by his owner to supposedly cure the severe case of mange.

“There are no words to describe

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Severely abused four-month-old puppy left for dead

In Zionsville, Indiana, a severely abused four-month-old puppy left for dead continues to fight for her life and is making strides towards recovery, thanks to Every Dog Counts Rescue and their generous followers.

The organization’s … Read More

Man caught on video abandoning senior pooch after buying milk

Animal cruelty officers from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services are seeking information about the man who loaded milk and groceries into his car outside of a Hemet supermarket, but left a senior pooch … Read More

Woman seen on video throwing dog over fence in 13 degree weather

An East Ridge, Tennessee community is calling for help finding the heartless person who abandoned a dog by throwing her over the fence on January 18 in the early morning approximately 7:45 a.m. A surveillance … Read More

Four dogs guarded injured friend struck in middle of busy road

Four dogs guarded their injured friend in the middle of a busy road and refused to leave his side. The video, which went viral in China, shows the dogs surrounding their friend after he had … Read More

No charges against person who shot dog with an arrow

The person who shot a dog in the head with two arrows will not face any charges. According to the Sanilac Broadcasting Company, the Sanilac County (Michigan) prosecutor’s office made the announcement on Wednesday … Read More

Video: Heroic cops rescued dog from porch of raging apartment fire

Heroic cops from Atlanta rescued a dog from the porch of a raging apartment complex fire on January 6. An officer’s body camera videoed first responders when they spotted the dog lying on the open … Read More

Super skinny 11-year-old ‘Pork Chop’ surrendered to shelter shivers in fear

Pork Chop is a super skinny 11-year-old Chihuahua surrendered to a city shelter in Carson, California on Monday. The tiny little guy, curled up in his bed, is being kept in the medical section of  … Read More