Owner who starved her dog with football sized tumor denies cruelty charges

In Henrico, Virginia, an emaciated dog with a football sized tumor had to be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian. And now the brown and white dog’s owner faces animal cruelty charges; Orquidea Margarita Tyndall, however … Read More

Dog dies from suspected heat exhaustion moments after hiking favorite California trail

It was a heartbreaking ordeal on Friday after a dog died just moments after hiking a favorite trail on Cowles Mountain in California. Heat exhaustion is suspected to have caused the death of the four-year-old … Read More

Shayla’s life mattered: Puppy euthanized after being misidentified

In Anson County, North Carolina, the Anson County Animal Shelter is under sharp criticism from animal advocates after euthanizing a four-month-old puppy on Tuesday named Shayla.

Just one week ago, four month-old Shayla’s life changed … Read More

Shelter dog ‘sprayed by skunk’ quarantined in kennel for six months

A three-year-old Siberian husky has had quite the run of bad luck. Haruki arrived to the Carson Animal Care Center on June 14 after he had been “sprayed by a skunk.” None of the dog’s … Read More

Six-pound Astro found as stray after having been dumped in a cemetery

Little six-pound Astro didn’t have much to celebrate on the 4th of July weekend. A Good Samaritan found him wandering aimlessly in a New York City cemetery; the little dog suffered an injury to his … Read More

Family warns against buying puppies advertised on Craigslist

A High Point, North Carolina family who wanted a puppy, found out the hard way not to use Craigslist to find their canine companions and are using their experience to warn other people about what … Read More

German shepherd pup dumped at shelter after enduring motor oil treatments for mange

Is is hard to believe Pancho is a German shepherd barely one-year-old? According to the Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers, this sweet, young dog had been surrendered on Saturday because he refused to eat; that’s … Read More

Cool or cruel: Viral photo of shaved Husky

Is the photo of a shaved Husky cool or cruel? When a photo of a fully-shaved husky (except for his head) went viral on Twitter this week, people were stunned, and many just didn’t know … Read More

East Harlem man charged with cruelty and torture after dog’s paw fell off

An East Harlem dog owner faces animal cruelty and torture charges after his Bichon Frise’s paw fell off because of lack of grooming. On Monday, Kenneth Hill, 25, arrived at the Animal Medical Center holding … Read More

California rescue takes on litter of very ill German shepherd puppies

In a heartbreaking emergency, the California rescue, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Southern California, have bravely taken on a litter of seven very sick German shepherd puppies surrendered by their owner to the open … Read More