Super skinny 11-year-old ‘Pork Chop’ surrendered to shelter shivers in fear

Pork Chop is a super skinny 11-year-old Chihuahua surrendered to a city shelter in Carson, California on Monday. The tiny little guy, curled up in his bed, is being kept in the medical section of  … Read More

Dog struck with machete just for being homeless

In the southernmost tip of Texas lies the Rio Grande Valley. Known to be an area where irresponsible owners toss their dogs aside,  the homeless and frightened dogs scavenge for scraps of food. Ironically the … Read More

Owner wanted to euthanize puppy for mange

In South Carolina, ten-month-old Jagger had been curled up on a tarp in a trailer park just waiting to die. His owner decided the puppy’s bad case of mange was a valid reason to put … Read More

Anguished owner rams his car into dog killer after finding his pet dying

An anguished owner who discovered his beloved dog dying in his front yard in a Chinese city after a suspected dog killer shot the dog with a poison dart and fled, climbed into his car … Read More

Climber who left injured dog on mountain to die blasted by critics

A climber from North Lanarkshire, Scotland is being blasted by critics on social media after he left his injured dog to die a slow, painful death on a Scottish mountain after she collapsed during a … Read More

Update: Arrest made in case of abused Hudson Valley dog ‘Penny’

In Coxsackie, New York, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office announced an arrest has been made in the case of an abused and neglected dog named Penny.

According to a press release issued by the sheriff’s … Read More

Brave man strips to underwear to rescue dog trapped in freezing water

A brave man in Sortavala, Russia stripped to his underwear and rushed out to rescue a dog trapped in the freezing water on Friday. The unnamed man, who had been walking with his child, deftly … Read More

Heartbreaking: Death of 4-month-old St. Bernard puppy from neglect

In a heartbreaking story of extreme neglect, a four-month-old St. Bernard puppy had to be euthanized after he was found severely emaciated and suffering from seizures in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, … Read More

Texas SPCA seizes 140 dogs and puppies from suspected puppy mill

On Saturday, the Texas SPCA removed 138 dogs including 21 puppies and two cats from a suspected puppy mill in Fannin County. According to the organization’s press release, the dogs were removed on Friday … Read More

NYC police break into car to rescue freezing chihuahua

It was barely 10-degrees in Manhattan on Saturday evening when policemen felt compelled to break into a car and rescue a freezing chihuahua shaking uncontrollably.

According to the New York Post, witness Matteo Prandoni … Read More