Storing dry pet food and making sure it’s safe

Our four-legged friends  are often thought of as part of our families, and of course we want their foods to be nutritious, safe and tasty. So what should be done to make sure Fido or … Read More

Tiny dog rescued from 121 degree vehicle

A Pomeranian was rescued from a hot car with temperatures recorded at 121 degrees on Thursday, after the dog’s owner left her in a vehicle while inside a medical facility, reports the Johnson City Press. Read More

Deformity: Dog’s legs go up, instead of down

A young golden retriever named “Rexi,” is unlike most any dog anyone has ever seen. The one-year-old dog has two front legs that go up, instead of down. Rexi belongs to James Cassity and Rachael … Read More

Severely neglected senior shepherd essentially hidden at shelter


Sparse fur, a graying muzzle and sad eyes can be found on a 12-year-old German shepherd who is currently being held at the Downey Animal Services facility in California. The elderly shepherd, named “Precious,” … Read More

Chihuahua tested positive for meth: Owner charged with animal cruelty

In Fontana, California, a 21-year-old man faces animal cruelty charges after his pet Chihuahua tested positive for methamphetamine, reports AbcNews.

Jack Sparrow

Arrested on Monday, Isaiah Sais brought his dog named Jack Sparrow to an Upland emergency … Read More

Additional surgery needed for dog comforted by his pal in viral photo

It was a heartbreaking photo that went viral when it was posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC nearly two months ago. Simon, the dog pictured on the right had been recovering from mange, while the … Read More

Adorable rescue puppy steals the internet

Screenshot (720)

A darling puppy, in the care of the Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, has stolen the internet with his undeniable cuteness. The rescue agency recently uploaded a video showing the mixed-breed pup, named “Napoleon” throwing a … Read More