Meadow: Lifetime of breeding and then tossed out onto street

In San Antonio, Texas, the shell of a beautiful Old English bulldog was found languishing in a ditch. It would seem Meadow’s entire life must have been spent giving birth to litter after litter, and … Read More

Owner of ‘severely neglected’ dog reports pet ‘dead’ but …

In Riverside, California, the owner of a “severely neglected” dog all tangled in his coat and infested with maggots that his owner claimed was dead, is alive and  recuperating. The eight-year-old Lhaso Apso is currently … Read More

Just 6-months-old, puppy is nothing but blood and scabs

Just 6-months-old, and this is a puppy who is nothing more than blood and scabs. He is malnourished and bleeding from every corner of his body. Is it no surprise that this puppy appears to … Read More

Rescuer pens open letter to owner of ailing 16-year-old dog dumped at shelter

A plea went out to animal rescuers on Thursday asking for help. A 16-year-old dog with age-related health problems had been surrendered to an open admission shelter in California. Leave No Paws Behind volunteered to … Read More

3 puppies die after bees attacked home with excessive clutter

Three puppies in Glendale, Arizona lost their lives on Wednesday after a deadly swarm of bees attacked the backyard home of Esther Julian. The family dog had recently given birth to six healthy puppies – … Read More

Humane Society International rescuing 80 dogs from South Korean meat farm

Humane Society International (HSI) is one of the leading global organizations working in countries across Asia to end the suffering on dog meat markets. On Sunday evening, the Animal Rescue Team began to remove 80 … Read More

Ailing puppy that died dumped in suitcase in the woods

In Collinsville, Oklahoma, authorities are investigating an animal cruelty case involving an ailing puppy that died from a parasite overload after suffering for days, was discovered stuffed in an old red suitcase and tossed into … Read More

Legend survives: Dog brutally attacked slowly improving

It had been a violent encounter that erupted between three family dogs in a Greenville County, South Carolina backyard last week which caused life-threatening injuries to the two-year-old Labrador retriever and Basset hound mix named … Read More

Siberian husky puppy with leg deformities not slowing down

A Siberian husky puppy, with severe leg deformities, is showing everyone that being different is no reason to slow down. In fact the eight-week-old pooch, rescued by the Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago, is just … Read More

Update on Fiona: Heartbroken 14-year-old Chihuahua rescued

When a photo of the tiny face of Fiona had been posted on Saving Carson Shelter Dogs’ Facebook page, animal advocates just wanted to hug her, wrap her in their arms and assure her that … Read More