Chained paralyzed puppy abandoned on his pink blanket has been rescued

A young dog, no more than skin over bones lightly coated with fur was rescued on Sunday morning from South Texas. He had been chained and left on a pink blanket to die.


Why … Read More

Neglected and filthy Havanese dogs rescued from hoarding situation

In Tampa, Florida, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay rescued ten Havanese dogs from a hoarding situation in Temple Terrace. The dogs were being fed and watered, however they were matted, filthy and smelled of … Read More

3-month-old puppy with leg bone exposed rushed to emergency hospital

A three-month-old puppy, with a mangled leg and her bone exposed, was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital on Friday evening in Austin, Texas. Animal Control had been called to the owner’s home after receiving … Read More

Deputies charge man for dragging ‘Gabe’ behind vehicle in animal cruelty case

A dog dragged behind a vehicle for miles in Cross, South Carolina was surrendered one week ago after police showed up at the home with a warrant. Authorities arrived after a complaint had been reported … Read More

Innocent 4-month-old puppy victims of backyard breeder finally surrendered

On Thursday afternoon, four innocent 4-month-old puppies from an Ohio backyard breeder, were finally surrendered. If only the story of these little ones was as simple as a breeder having been overwhelmed and deciding that … Read More

Update: Abandoned dog ‘Bear’ found in ditch with his wheelchair

When a seemingly heartless person broke Bear’s heart and even worse – dumped him in a ditch along with his wheelchair in Ohio late in December, Trina & Friends came to his rescue. According to … Read More

Pomeranian lost his ear after allergic reaction to dyeing them red

A Pomeranian named “Diffy” lost his ear after having an allergic reaction to having his fur dyed red in a grooming salon in Thailand. The dog had a “foil wrap” on his ears and his … Read More

Unrecognizable Rottweiler abandoned on side of Baytown road

In Houston, Texas, an unrecognizable Rottweiler was found on Sunday roaming along a Baytown road. No one knows how long he had been scavenging in the area searching for scraps of food, but his body … Read More

Abused dog seized by authorities when they showed up with warrant

A dog dragged behind a vehicle for miles in South Carolina was surrendered by his owner on Saturday after police showed up at the home with a warrant. Authorities arrived after a complaint had been … Read More

Dog brought into rescue with severe facial injuries: Who hurt Bruce?

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, animal rescuers want to find out what happened to a dog brought into a local shelter with severe facial injuries on Monday afternoon. The dog, now dubbed Bruce, is being cared for … Read More