Selene’s unbelievable journey to rescue after she nearly bled to death

In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, it must have been Selene’s adrenaline that helped her make it to a field after having been hit by a car. The young dog’s front leg had been split open; had … Read More

Update: Stray pregnant dog intentionally slashed in Texas

Less than two weeks ago, Natasha had been rescued by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. At a Texas kill shelter, tiny Natasha had curled herself up into a ball in the far corner of the … Read More

City council sends letter to ‘menacing’ dog owners to muzzle pets inside own homes

Christchurch is a city found in Canturbury, New Zealand, and dog owners are enraged after a letter was sent to pet owners stating that dogs that are classified as “menacing” must be muzzled inside of Read More

Help: Heartless owner dumps 7-pound dog with huge tumor

We can’t look away at a helpless senior whose owner dropped her at a high-kill Texas animal shelter with a huge tumor. For eight years little Doris had been loyal to her family; tragically her … Read More

Louisiana senate approves bill banning sex with animals by 25 to 10 vote

The Louisiana state senate approved a bill banning having sex with animals by a 25 to 10 vote. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives, and will make sexual abuse to an animal … Read More

Puppy stuffed in duffel bag with her insides hanging out

An adorable little puppy is recovering from surgery after she was found on Sunday, along with two other puppies, stuffed into a duffel bag and left alone at the intersection of Seven Mile and Schoenherr.… Read More

Third dog dies after PetSmart grooming within 4 months

In Toms River, New Jersey, the owner of a corgi is devastated after his dog’s death allegedly being blamed on PetSmart. Chuck Crawford, 76, Abby’s owner, dropped his beloved pet off with his other corgi … Read More

Dog suffers third-degree burns from heating pad used during surgery

An investigation is underway by the Bergen County SPCA Law Enforcement Division concerning a dog who suffered third-degree burns from a heating pad during surgery at the Ridgefield Park Animal Hospital.

In December, English bulldog, … Read More

Oh my: Rescued Chihuahua gives birth to 11 puppies

In Olathe, Kansas, a rescued Chihuahua gave birth to 11 puppies – that’s right; now being considered as a world’s record.  And what makes the blessed event even more special, according to the Unleashed Rescue … Read More

Woman’s two dogs die after eating poisonous mushrooms

A North Carolina woman is mourning the deaths of her two dog after they ate poisonous mushrooms in the backyard of their own home. Janna Joyner returned home on Sunday to find her three-year-old Saint … Read More