Man who kicked Chihuahua that lost its eye has been sentenced to prison

A Bronx, New York man who kicked a Chihuahua so hard that the dog lost its eye has been sentenced to prison. Dwayne Smith, 28, was sentenced to two years in prison by Bronx Supreme … Read More

Meet Smoosh the Pooch: He was stepped on shortly after birth

At five-weeks-old, Smoosh the Pooch was rescued by Animal Helper in New Orleans. The veterinarian who examined the puppy believes he was stepped on shortly after birth. All of the bones in his head were … Read More

Sicko pranksters cut puppy’s mouth to make her look like Batman’s ‘Joker’

A golden retriever puppy from Seoul, South Korea has been recovering this week after rescuers found her tied up and her mouth cut open to make her look like the villain “Joker” from Batman movies. … Read More

Photos of seemingly sick puppy at pet store under investigation

Frazer Township police have launched an investigation, after photos of a seemingly sick puppy appearing to be malnourished and listed for sale at Petland in the Galleria Pittsburgh Mills shopping mall, quickly went viral after … Read More

Brought into shelter swollen, puppy gets emergency care by NYC rescue

Leo was brought into a south Texas shelter on Thursday evening. Barely six-months-old, the puppy’s face is extremely swollen and he is unresponsive. When discovered, Leo could not stand.

“We do not know why he’s

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Saving Princess: Three-pound dog with extensive injuries finds hope

Weighing in at only three-pounds, no one can deny Princess isn’t a fighter. When first rescued by Saving Huey Foundation on Tuesday, it was feared she had been the victim of chemical abuse. Open wounds … Read More

Reality star outraged after seeing dogs in small cages at Chanel store

A reality television star was outraged after seeing two large dogs in small cages inside a London Chanel store  over the weekend. Tabitha Willett, 27, shared a photo of the dogs lying in the cages … Read More

Update on terribly neglected Hunter: How did his owners sleep at night?

Hunter was dumped at a South Texas shelter late last week; his owner walked away and was not charged with animal cruelty. How will this egregious treatment of companion animals ever change if there are … Read More

Bingo, saved from death row still not safe

Life hasn’t been easy for Bingo, nor has luck been on his side. Not much is known about his early life or if he ever had any kind of home/family stability. However, his string of … Read More

Six Labrador retrievers slated to be killed after dental implants experiment

Six Labrador retrievers are slated to be euthanized at the end of a medical trial experiment for dental implants in a Swedish laboratory. The experiment at the University of Gothenburg has garnered more than 80,000 … Read More