Emaciated young dog continuously crated until her muscles atrophied

Imagine a dog, estimated by Manhattan’s Animal Care Centers of New York City to be a young, adult pit bull, weighing only 15-pounds. Imagine a young dog’s muscles so atrophied and weak, she was barely … Read More

Owner who abandoned dog with 42-pound tumor sentenced after pleading guilty

A Newport Coast dog owner pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges for dropping off her dog at an animal hospital and claiming she found the golden retriever with a 42-pound tumor as a stray. Sherri … Read More

A desperate plea for Snoopy – emotional support dog suffering with tumor

A desperate plea is being made on behalf of an emotional support dog named “Snoopy.” Snoopy was rescued from a bad situation by his owner, Ruthanne, and now the pair are inseparable. But the lovable, … Read More

Rich unlicensed dog breeder who beat pets banned for life from owning animals

A millionaire in North Lanarkshire, Scotland has been banned for life from ever owning any animals. On Tuesday, the unlicensed dog breeder, Christopher Gorman was sentenced at the Airdrie Sheriff Court after he was found … Read More

UPDATE: Barely 5-months-old: Neglected puppy winds up in shelter

Rescued on October 23 by Labrador and Friends. Piper has been renamed Leia and is currently at an emergency veterinarian hospital where she is being treated for mange. She also tested positive for ParvoVirus.… Read More

Dog with makeshift filthy bandage left to languish in agony under abandoned house

No one knows how long Axel had been suffering. He tried his best to hide; his agony perhaps indescribable, however the natural behavior of dogs precludes them from crying out so as not to attract … Read More

Plea from Texas shelter for urgent care for six-month-old suffering puppy

A six-month-old suffering Shih Tzu remains in critical condition at a south Texas emergency hospital. On Thursday, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein, arranged to have the tiny pup rushed to their organization’s … Read More

Police asking for public’s help with German shepherd starvation case

In Dodge City, Kansas, the police department is asking for the public’s help with finding the person responsible for animal neglect and cruelty starvation case of a German shepherd found on Tuesday. The  emaciated dog … Read More

Haunting photos of ‘walking skeleton’ prompts rescuers quick action

Two haunting photos of a “walking skeleton” have become etched in the mind of Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. On Tuesday, came a call from a rural South Carolina shelter, accompanied by … Read More

Pointer puppy surrendered at San Antonio shelter in heartbreaking condition

Just look at Sophia;  seven-month-old pointer puppy mix and most likely has never had a carefree day in her short life to play and romp in the yard as should any healthy young dog. Instead, … Read More