Sweet 16-year-old pup’s family missed their role about loyalty and left him at a shelter

A sweet 16-year-old dog should be lazily lounging on a soft bed in a loving home enjoying his retirement. It seems, however that Jet Black, a Labrador retriever mix, tearfully missed out and found himself … Read More

Dogs’ owner died and now they are on euthanasia list because no one wants them

Big Boy and Queen are bonded seniors, and when their owner died, no one in the family wanted them, and so off they went to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California.

Both dogs have been … Read More

Share for rescue: Adorable little dog with no lower jaw and limited use of his hind legs

At the Norco Animal Shelter in California, Mocha needs help. The tiny male, poodle mix is estimated to be three-years-old, but has no lower jaw and appears to have a limited or no use of … Read More

Shame on owner who let this dog be so neglected: Rescue needed from shelter

At the Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control: Baldwin Park, California, Bruno arrived at the shelter on June 9 as a stray. He is about five-years-old and is available for adoption today. (Sunday)

Bruno’s … Read More

‘Hero’ Labrador retriever saved his teen owner from rattlesnake attack

In Harbison Canyon, California, a “hero” Labrador retriever named Marley saved his 18-year-old owner from a rattlesnake attack. Just two weeks ago, the seven-year-old dog pushed his owner out of the path of a direct … Read More

Friendly stray who kids threw rocks and stones at now facing little hope of future at high kill Miami shelter

A friendly stray had been fighting for his life on the Miami streets. Kind neighbors had been providing food for him, but surviving the streets is not easy. Earlier in the week, children had been … Read More

Update: Depressed shepherd about to be euth’ed went from sad to ecstatic about life

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a six-year-old German shepherd had been scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday unless someone could save her. Bailie had been found as a stray on May 3, … Read More

Tragic update: Elliott’s fight is over – he tried but he was just too tired

Two-year-old Elliott had eaten a do-rag and a sock – both of which became stuck in his stomach. He survived surgery this past weekend after having been sick for nearly two weeks. His previous owner … Read More

Beautiful German shepherd slated to be euthanized after she stopped eating

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a six-year-old German shepherd is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday unless someone can save her. Bailie was found as a stray on May 3, and one … Read More

Emaciated pup suffering from gunshot wound found wandering Detroit streets

Poor Wilson had been wandering around the streets of Detroit with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. The emaciated dog had been found by a local resident who contacted Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for … Read More