Rescued stray dog can’t stop smiling

According to a recent story on a Texas news channel, the southern part of state is suffering from an overpopulation of stray dogs.  One county reported an intake of 125 dogs a day.

While many … Read More

Never give up: Animal advocates refused to let dog suffer from abject neglect

In Salisbury, North Carolina, animal advocates refused to let a dog suffer from horrible neglect.  Never give up! On Sunday morning, photos of the dog were posted on social media. The emaciated dog, lying on … Read More

Thailand cruelty: Dogs left tied up by order of military officer now safe

In Thailand, two dogs left tied up by their legs and mouths and left to suffer in the sun by the order of a senior military officer are now safe. The dogs were abandoned in … Read More

Faulkner County deputy fired after shooting and injuring small dog during call

In Conway, Arkansas a deputy has been fired after a video showed him shooting a small dog during a call for service. The incident occurred on January 4 and involved  Faulkner County Deputy Kennan Wallace.… Read More

Disturbing viral video shows man shooting a dog that had been wagging his tail

A disturbing video posted online shows a man in northern Georgia shooting a dog with a pistol as the pup laid on the ground wagging her tail. The incident was recorded by cell phone and … Read More

Warren man who skinned dog on viral video released early from jail

The Warren, Ohio man who strangled and skinned a dog and posted the egregious deed on a Facebook video was released early from jail on Friday. Scott Winter, 46, had been sentenced to a year … Read More

Romanian animal shelter: Draconian dungeon for dogs

Recently, thanks to cell phone cameras and social media, many American animal shelters have come under scrutiny for their inhumane practices and cruelty to the animals in their care.  Disturbing images and testimonials from eyewitnesses … Read More

Man who beat his puppy for defecating in the house sentenced to jail

In Alameda County, California, the man who beat his puppy for defecating in the house will spend time in jail. Joshua Tadduc, 24, plead guilty to felony animal cruelty for brutally beating nine-month-old Aaliyah back … Read More

Dachshund with fireworks strapped to her back rescued on New Year’s Eve

In Houston, Texas, rumors had been circulating about a small dachshund wandering in the neighborhood that had fireworks strapped to her back. The dog was too scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone near her.… Read More

Postal worker caught on camera using pepper spray on dogs behind fence

A postal worker for the United States Postal Service has been caught on camera using pepper spray on a family’s three dogs in Dallas. The dogs were behind a reinforced fence and posed no threat  … Read More