15 dogs could die after local rescue closes its doors

In Chester, South Carolina, the shelter is full. And who is to blame? Perhaps we should call upon irresponsible dog owners; those who do not have their pets neutered and spayed, those who abandon their … Read More

Nobody wants dog held at animal control since February

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“I don’t understand why she is continuously overlooked,” are the bewildered words expressed on behalf of a sweet dog who has been sitting at an animal control agency in Summerdale, Alabama, since February. The overlooked … Read More

Blind and deaf dog impounded at shelter mourns for his lost home

UPDATE: One hour ago, this dog was euthanized. Arrangements were being made for the dog to leave with a rescue. Follow this very tragic situation as the shelter volunteers are completely heartbroken. 

Just looking … Read More

Surrendered back to shelter at nearly 15-years-old, dog’s face shows her heartbreak

Years and years ago, Canela was adopted from the high kill and overcrowded Baldwin Park Shelter shelter. On July 17, she was returned – now nearly 15-years-old, heartbroken and very much aware that her family … Read More

NYC rescue steps up to help 4-year-old shepherd with enormous tumor

Pumpernickel came into the New York City Animal Care and Control as a stray; a tumor the size of a cantaloupe attached to her abdomen nearly dragged on the floor as the four-year-old German shepherd … Read More

Senior Lab who served her owner faithfully as hunting dog lies heartbroken in high kill shelter

For all of her 12-years, Cammy served her master with loyalty and love. Trained as a hunting dog, Cammy never lost sight of her duties and proudly followed directions with the utmost pride. Then why, … Read More

Discovered dumped in a culvert 3 frightened puppies slated to die

In Nueces County, Texas, three puppies who had been literally dumped in a culvert were found by Animal Control on July 19. Had it not been for the compassionate officer taking his time to rescue … Read More

12-year-old dog found tied to a pole in sun: Just a broken soul

In Orlando, a 12-year-old mixed breed had been found on Wednesday by Animal Control. She had been abandoned – tied to a pole and left in the sun to die. Brought to Orange County Animal … Read More

Heartbreaking separation as family cries when forced to leave pets at shelter

A single mom and her children were forced to surrender their two beloved dogs and cat at the Carson Animal Care Center. Although every owner surrender is a tragic circumstance for the dogs and cats … Read More

Desperate pup who eluded being euthanized ready for his new home

A five-year-old collie destined to be euthanized last week in an Alabama county shelter has officially arrived at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  Lucky euthanized headed 2Now being bathed and medically treated for a moderate case of demodetic mange, … Read More