Devastating photos arise as Australia’s bush fires threaten animal extinction

Devastating photos of injured and dead animals have emerged on social media as catastrophic fires continue to ravage 12.35 million acres of Australian bush. Several threatened species are expected to face extinction. The flames have … Read More

Puppy mill owner sentenced to jail for abuse of nearly 300 animals

In Adrian, Michigan, a puppy mill owner was sentenced to prison on Wednesday for the long term neglect and abuse of hundreds of dogs, cats, horses and birds. Sharon Kay Evans will serve six months … Read More

Florida cop’s surprise when woodpecker needs helping hand

On Saturday morning, a Fort Walton Beach police officer had an encounter of a different kind. Sometimes even the smallest residents need help from our brave men.

“So I’m driving down the road windows down

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High school football players videoed beating a duck to death

Members of a high school football team from Kennett High School were caught on video enticing a duck from the water and then beating it with a broomstick before strangling the defenseless animal to death.… Read More

Heartless bird murderer killed NJ town’s beloved peacock mascot

Why would anyone kill a beloved wild peacock mascot in a South Jersey town for no reason? Sadly, Popeye the peacock died on Friday after the wild bird was fatally shot in the leg in … Read More

Man appears to have fed seagull an ecstasy pill

In the northeastern city of Newcastle, England, social media readers are stunned and disgusted after a short video appeared online, showing a man appearing to have spiked a seagull with an ecstasy pill.

According to … Read More

Injured baby bird arrives at wildlife center by UBER

In Ogden, Utah an injured baby bird arrived at a wildlife center alone – via UBER. The human friends of the orphaned Lesser Goldfinch had been drinking at a house when they found the little … Read More

Mean driver baited sea gulls before running them down with car

In Taunton, England, authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying the driver who reportedly baited sea gulls before “deliberately running them down on Tuesday.” The RSPCA states the driver placed chips in the roadway … Read More

Denver culls Canada geese and kills them to feed hungry families

In the city of Denver, the Canada geese better fly away if they can. The United States Department of Agriculture has been rounding them up and killing them for food.

According to CPRNews, there … Read More

Swan protecting her cygnets killed dog swimming in pond

At Bushy Park in Terenure, Ireland, a swan protecting her cygnets killed a dog swimming in the pond. The distraught owner helplessly watched the attack on Saturday, and there was nothing he could do to … Read More