12-year-old heartbroken senior’s family never bothered to find her

Veronica is a 12-year-old Pomeranian picked up as a stray on July 3 and brought to the Downey Animal Care Center. Veronica’s face tells the story – her family never came to find her and … Read More

‘World’s saddest polar bear’ Arturo dies in Argentina zoo

Arturo, who tragically earned the title of the “world’s saddest polar bear” by an animal rights group, died in an enclosure at Argentina’s Mendoza Zoo last week. Arturo was 31-years-old and lived in an environment … Read More

Oregon man accused of abusing his puppy

Screenshot (705)

An Oregon man is accused of abusing his shepherd mix puppy, reported Sunday’s KTVZ News.  The accused abuser, identified as 20-year-old Tyler Jacob Speas of Bend, denies allegations that he kicked and punched his six-month-old … Read More

Slow loris had teeth ripped out by captors so tourists could take selfies

In a shocking case of animal abuse, a Bengal slow loris had all of his teeth pulled out so tourists could pose with the animal for selfies.

slow loris

According to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, Boris … Read More

Puppy Libre makes small paw strides in long recovery

In Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, the puppy named Libre left for dead at a Lancaster puppy mill is still in critical condition, but continues to make small strides towards recovery as he amazes the staff at Dillsburg … Read More

Maple Shade man faces animal cruelty charges for heartbreaking neglect of dog

In Maple Shade Township, New Jersey, the owner of an emaciated and neglected dog faces multiple animal cruelty charges, reports the Burlington County SPCA’s Humane Police.

Dino the Burlington County dog

According to authorities, a report of a neglected dog … Read More

Labrador retriever dies after being left on hot second-story deck

In Belcamp, Maryland, a chocolate Labrador retriever died after being left out in the heat on the second story deck of his home, reports the Patch.

Dog paws 2 john moore getty

On Thursday, Animal Control in Harford County responded to … Read More

Sarasota man intentionally sets bunny on fire for nipping

A Sarasota, Florida man faces animal cruelty charges for intentionally setting a pet bunny on fire, reports the BradentonHerald.

florida man burns bunny

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, Manasseh Walker, 22, was charged on Thursday with setting … Read More

Owner claims dog triple chained because of anxiety

In an upscale Greenville, South Carolina home, a German shepherd is chained in a small area in the garage unable to move more than a few inches in any direction. On Thursday, Carmen’s Rescue was … Read More

Body of pit bull found in suitcase

Screenshot (694)The body of a young pit bull was found inside of a suitcase on Monday night in Asbury Park, New Jersey, reported Wednesday’s NJ.com. The black nylon suitcase was discovered floating on Sunset Lake; … Read More