Two cougars in Santa Monica Mountains dead – at least one ate rat poison

In a sad announcement posted on the Facebook page for the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area on Tuesday, two cougars have been found dead; a six-year-old male known at P-30 ate rat poison, according … Read More

Niagara Falls man accused of cutting ears of seven puppies

In Niagara Falls, New York, a man accused of cutting the ears of seven puppies has been charged with felony animal cruelty. Michael Anthony Paonessa, 45, also faces unlawful clipping of the dogs’ ears.

According … Read More

Man charged after police see video of alleged pipe beating

A dog and three puppies have been removed from a home in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and a man is facing charges following allegations that he was beating the adult dog with a pipe. According to … Read More

Sick! Man took part in butchering a cow while it was alive and got community service only

A man who took part in subjecting a cow to unimaginable pain and suffering has been given a pitiful and rather sickening sentence. As reported by 7 News, 34-year-old Anthony Spencer was part of … Read More

Farmer horrified to find bloodied dog body, left with stuffed animal, in a field

An Indiana farmer recently discovered the bloodied body of a young dog in a field in Hancock County. As reported by The Indy Channel, the 10-month-old puppy still had on a collar and leash … Read More

Dogs pumped up on performance-boosting drugs rescued

In Uniondale, Long Island, authorities rescued 28 dogs on Thursday night from a suspected dog fighting ring. A number of the dogs had been pumped up with performance-boosting drugs.

According to the Daily News, … Read More

‘Smokie’ dumped with embedded collar and now slated to be killed

Meet Smokie; his time has run out at the shelter in San Antonio, Texas. This sweet five-year-old pup had been surrendered by his owner with an embedded collar, possible tetanus infection and appeared to be … Read More

Two Florida men charged with pouring beer into alligator’s mouth

In Palm City, Florida, two men have been charged with animal cruelty after a video they posted to social media showed them pouring beer into a small alligator’s mouth.

No kidding on this one; Timothy … Read More

Suspect arrested in car theft leading to disabled dog’s death

The Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested a suspect on Thursday believed to have stolen a car leading to the death of a woman’s disabled dog named Zorra.

According to 100+ Abandoned Dogs, Jephthe Francis, … Read More

Criticism follows slow police response to report of man beating dog with pipe

There is growing outrage over slow police response to reports that someone in New Bedford, Massachusetts, was beating a dog with a pipe. A video of the beating has been circulating on social media and … Read More