Officer placed on leave after alleged animal cruelty and domestic violence

An officer with the Atlanta Police Department has been put on leave following allegations of animal cruelty and domestic violence. As reported by Fox 5 News, Larry Jamel Williams was charged after his live-in … Read More

Frightened pony impaled on fence after nasty teens chased it

At the Brinsley Animal Rescue Center in Nottingham, United Kingdom, a group of nasty teenagers frightened a pony and cows in a field on Tuesday night. The pony became so frightened he attempted to jump … Read More

Teen charged with cruelty after posting video of dog being dropped over a balcony

A North Carolina teen is facing a charge of animal cruelty after posting a video showing him dropping a dog from a balcony. As reported by WXII 12 News, 18-year-old Jashon Tyrell Hampton was … Read More

Viral TikTok video showing teens drown a dog in pond ends in arrest

In a disturbing video on the TikTok social media network, two teenagers from Mumbai, India recorded themselves holding and swinging a stray dog by its paws and then tossing it into a pond to drown. … Read More

Man accused of throwing his dog against the wall until the dog died

A Louisiana man is accused of throwing his own dog against a wall, causing the dog’s death. As reported by, the dog killer is identified as 41-year-old Christopher Gilchrist. Gilchrist allegedly threw the dog … Read More

Celebrity animal activist accused of staging dog slaughterhouse videos

A Los Angeles animal activist has been accused of staging egregious dog killings in slaughterhouse videos in Indonesia, Cambodia and other places in Asia. Marc Ching, the founder of Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, … Read More

Inexcusable: Poor Maltese senior left matted and miserable at shelter

Talullah was impounded at the SEACCA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority on May 20, 2020 from the City of Downey. She has been described as an aged female Maltese mix weighing only 13 pounds.

A … Read More

Drunk man climbed into Poland zoo enclosure tried to drown bear

A 23-year-old man has been charged with animal cruelty after he climbed into a bear enclosure at a zoo in Poland and wrestled with a bear trying to drown the animal.

According to the IndependentRead More

Outrage as two dogs auctioned off in Ukraine to pay owner’s debts

There has been international outrage this week as two purebred dogs confiscated from their owner were auctioned off to cover the owner’s debts. The photos of the dogs appeared on a state-owned website.

According to … Read More

Endangered wolf pack eliminated on ‘behalf of livestock industry’

Profit over lives seems to be the working mandate in New Mexico, where an endangered wolf pack was eliminated on behalf of the livestock industry. According to a news release from the Center of Biological … Read More