Dying dog found abandoned in soft cooler bag outside of a Walmart store

Someone abandoned a dying dog outside of a Rhode Island Walmart store. The RI Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said that the dog, a Chihuahua, was inside of a soft cooler bag … Read More

Man sentenced to 15-20 years in prison for allowing more than 200 cattle die

A 31-year-old Nebraska man has been sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison for letting more than 200 head of cattle die. According to multiple sources, Aaron E. Ogren, of Exeter, was sentenced on … Read More

Family devastated – someone fatally shot their beloved horse with a shotgun

A family in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, is grappling with the unexpected death of their beloved horse, P-Dab, who was fatally shot in his pasture in December.  As reported by Go Upstate, the 16-year-old … Read More

Phoenix man charged with beating and dragging Shih Tzu puppy across sidewalk

A Phoenix man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty on Wednesday in El Paso, Texas after he was seen beating and dragging a four-month-old Shih Tzu puppy across the concrete.

According to KFox14, … Read More

Rottie returned as quickly as he was adopted because he wouldn’t jump into car

At Miami-Dade Animal Services, a three-year-old Rottie mix was returned on Tuesday as quickly as he was adopted. Peter had just been neutered and as his new owners dragged him outside, they unsuccessfully tried to … Read More

Man who killed dog with a hatchet and knife will be sentenced soon

A New Philadelphia man, who killed a dog with a hatchet and knife, will be sentenced on February 2. As reported by the Times Reporter, 58-year-old Adam R. Soto pleaded no contest to a … Read More

Found! Homeless man’s stolen service dog reunited

In Sherman Oaks, California, a $10,000 reward had been offered to help find a homeless man’s service dog that disappeared on New Year’s Eve. The dog’s owner, Jimmy Nicholas pleaded with the public to help … Read More

Man sentenced to jail time for starving his dog to death

An Ohio man has been sentenced to jail time for starving his dog to death in December 2019. As reported by WKBN News, James Antwon Jones was sentenced to 180 days in jail, and three … Read More

Another heartless jerk pulls to side of freeway to abandon small puppy

In the city limits of Perris, another heartless jerk driving a silver Tacoma pickup truck, pulled over to the side of the I215 freeway on Tuesday morning and pushed a cardboard box out onto the … Read More

Dozens of neglected and dead animals found at duo’s property

Dozens of neglected and dead animals were found at a duo’s property in Horry County, South Carolina. According to multiple sources, Jason Schulze, 41, of Myrtle Beach and Kayla Schulze, 22, of Conway, were arrested … Read More