Inspector called discovery of suffering pup worst case of cruelty

Found dumped on a Worcestershire, United Kingdom farm, a suffering pup had been left in agony for what authorities stated had been more than 12-hours. An inspector with the RSPCA called the starved and beaten … Read More

German shepherd shot and left to hang on fence while still alive

In Detroit, a disturbing case of animal cruelty where a German shepherd had been shot and then left to hang on a fence with an electrical cord a few inches off the ground, remains unsolved. … Read More

Flamingo euthanized at zoo after kid threw rock into exhibit

In Bloomington, Illinois, a flamingo had to be euthanized after an elementary school student threw a rock into the exhibit and broke the flamingo’s leg.

According to the Pantagraph, a representative from the Miller … Read More

Severe chemical wounds found on rescued stray, but he is still loving

In Columbus, Ohio, a small dog was found over the weekend with what appeared to be severe chemical wounds. Roaming the area near South Champion Avenue, the dog’s injuries cover nearly his entire body.

FIDO’s Read More

Arrest made for aggravated abuse of K-9 Deputy Chance

In Lee County, Florida, a teenager was arrested on Monday in connection to the aggravated animal abuse of K-9 Deputy Chance. In late February, the dog, a male Florida Cur, was found roaming through backyards … Read More

Owner washed tiny Maltese in bleach to make her coat whiter

In a late night rescue near Miami, a tiny Maltese was rescued Monday evening from a local shelter after having been surrendered. The senior pooch had been bathed in bleach by her owner to make … Read More

Heartbreaking: 6-week-old puppy found tied up in net unable to escape

On Monday morning, a family heard high-pitched crying sounds coming from their yard. They rushed out to follow the desperate sounding yelps; only to discover a 6-week-old puppy had been dumped after someone tied him … Read More

Update on King James: Dog who lived in agony in front of owners

In Fort Worth, Texas, where animal abuse and cruelty often goes unchecked, King James lived in agony alone in his owner’s backyard for several weeks if not months. A heavy chain nearly strangled him to … Read More

Arrest made! Man charged for death of Tommie, dog set on fire

The day has finally arrived – an arrest has been made in the animal cruelty case involving a dog who was doused in accelerant and set on fire in Richmond, Virginia. As reported by WTVR Read More

Man arrested after dog found strangled to death in his front yard

A man in Phoenix, Arizona, has been arrested after a dog was found strangled to death in his front yard. As reported by multiple sources, 38-year-old Ruben Ezekiel Garcia, Sr. is facing a felony animal … Read More