Abandoned puppy found chained to fire hydrant with clip pierced through her neck

A abandoned puppy in St. Louis, Missouri, was found chained to a fire hydrant which was connected to a clip that was pierced through the skin of her neck.


Stray Rescue of St. Louis … Read More

Abandoned mother dog shed real tears protecting her pup in desert

Months ago, a young mother dog with her tiny puppy was abandoned in the industrial desert area of the Redlands. According to the security guard, a truck driver dumped the two and left them to … Read More

Neglected and injured dog dies after being abandoned in a box

A neglected and injured, young dog died after being abandoned in a box which was found in Boynton Beach, Florida. The two-year-old French bulldog was found in the parking lot of Rolling Green Elementary School … Read More

German shepherd shot in the head for ‘chewing on babies’ toys’ survives

In Coldwater, Michigan, a three-year-old German shepherd survived after her owner allegedly shot her in the head and left her for dead on an old tarp. Three days after she was shot, somehow the dog … Read More

Woman caught on video hurling dog at another woman is facing charges

A woman caught on video, hurling a leashed dog at another woman in Halifax, has been identified and is being charged. The woman, identified as 27-year-old Clarissa Angela Crawley of Dartmouth.

Crawley was arrested on … Read More

Grizzly bears to remain protected from trophy hunters appeals court agrees

The North Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous opinion on Wednesday upholding a 2018 court act affirming that grizzly bears will remain under the Endangered Species Act and are therefore protected from hunting that … Read More

Man accused of strangling woman and throwing dog against a wall

A Florida man is facing multiple charges for allegedly beating and strangling a woman and throwing her dog against a wall. As reported by the Pensacola News Journal, 28-year-old Malcom Celestine, of Pensacola, is accused … Read More

‘Soldier’ injured dog covered in puncture wounds ready for foster home

In Abbeville, South Carolina, a couple had been walking their dog on Sunday when they found a critically injured dog lying in the bushes. He couldn’t stand and barely moved; the Abbeville County Animal Services … Read More

Teen accused of stomping family’s dog to death

A teen in Weymouth, Massachusetts, is accused of stomping his family’s dog to death. As reported by Boston.com, 19-year-old Shykeim Basden is facing multiple charges for the May 25 incident which killed his family’s … Read More

Dog with Bette Davis eyes barely surviving after heartbreaking abuse

In Pickens County, South Carolina, 11 dogs were discovered at a home on Thursday; tragically nine of the dogs had already died. It was just emaciated Bette Davis and another dog Lentil  barely alive.

The … Read More