‘Miserable’ young shepherd is running out of time

Update: According to United Hope for Animals, Sandy has been rescued!

A young German shepherd at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California is miserable. The dog arrived to the open-intake facility in late … Read More

Handsome dog adopted, returned and forgotten

Update 11/15/16: Jug Head has been adopted!

Update 11/11/16: Jug Head was “tested” with another large breed dog at the shelter and he did fine. The new stipulation is a home with no small dogs.… Read More

Senior abandoned at high kill shelter with his toys

Update: Adopted!

An eight-year-old Rottweiler stares through the bars of his kennel waiting for his family to return. Sadly, they have no intentions of coming back for Brock. The handsome senior was abandoned at Miami-Dade … Read More

Bria is safe: Weeks passed at shelter after her owner was arrested

Bria is safe, but that wasn’t always always the case. The extremely friendly and well-taken care of dog found herself locked in a kennel at the Carson Animal Care Center in California on October 5. … Read More

Emaciated shepherd dumped because family said he was ‘too old’

A five-year-old emaciated shepherd was surrendered to an open admissions shelter in Polk County, Georgia on Monday. His owners told the staff their dog was too old and no longer useful. How Max ended up … Read More

Frail senior abandoned in vacant home

The owner who left this frail senior abandoned in a vacant home to fend for herself most likely deserves the fleas of a thousand camels to invade his most vulnerable body area. Who can even … Read More

‘Short’ German shepherd, family drove away, leaving him behind

Interested in a German shepherd, but lack the room for a large breed dog? Huck, a “short” German shepherd mix (likely with a Basset Hound) is in need of a home after his family drove … Read More

Exhausted toy poodle rescued from Potomac River

No one knows where the tired little toy poodle came from, but she is one lucky little pooch. When the exhausted toy poodle whimpered, a Good Samaritan sitting on a bench in Old Town Alexandria, … Read More

Blind dog surrendered to busy animal control agency

On November 6, a young, purebred, blind dog was surrendered to a busy animal control agency in Gardena, California. The three-year-old Doberman, named “Max,” is being held at the Carson Animal Services facility following the … Read More

Misunderstood German shepherd that may cost him his life

He’s handsome and his looks could “wow.” Tragically, the misunderstood German shepherd named Jake may not make it out of the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control Downey.  Animal Control officers labeled … Read More