After 952 days in a shelter, no one has come to adopt Dinah

In a shelter in Smithtown, New York, Dinah waits for someone to call her own. After 952 days in the shelter, the five-year-old dog is often seen leaning on the fence or sitting at the … Read More

The face of utter hopelessness – stray dog in need

Meet ID#A4987245 – a dog with no known name, a dog without hope. This dog, picked up as a stray on August 27 and taken to the Carson Animal Services facility in California, has the … Read More

Adoptable dogs: Bonded friends, ‘Oso’ and ‘Shiloh’

Considering adding some doggy love to your life? Two handsome dogs in California are currently homeless, and in need of a new family. The dogs, Shiloh and Oso, are said to be “bonded best friends.”… Read More

Stuffed dog outside of euth’ door at shelter inspires puppy’s rescue

Had it not been for a photo of a stuffed toy outside of the last door a dog would ever enter to be euthanized at the Downey Animal Shelter on Tuesday afternoon, Tucker would have … Read More

Heartbreaking video of 1-year-old pup at shelter terrified and shaking

Over bred and dumped at the Downey Animal Shelter in California, a one-year-old terrified puppy shivers with fear in an overcrowded shelter full of strangers and loud noises.

Her name is Lady, and once she … Read More

Frightened and depressed shelter puppy barely responds

ADOPTED! Many thanks for sharing this puppy’s story.

A seven-month-old German shepherd puppy barely responds to anyone at the Baldwin Park Shelter in California. Brought in as a stray on September 12, this gorgeous dog … Read More

Ailing, neglected senior German shepherd ‘Twix’

Take away the crusty eyes, and the itchy, flaky and crusted over skin, and you will find a handsome, albeit senior, German shepherd. The eight-year-old dog, named “Twix,” has been at the Animal Care & Read More

Dumped at 15 when her owners suddenly became ‘too busy’


In one of the most heartbreaking stories of the day, Belle’s family surrendered her to Carson Animal Care in California because they suddenly became “too busy.” And yes, Belle is a 15-year-old senior  … Read More

51 days in shelter and Sapphire still has no home

Her name reflects the genuine gem she is, but no one has adopted Sapphire from the San Bernardino City Shelter in California. It can not because she isn’t friendly nor pretty enough. She has been … Read More

Injured dog unable to stand rescued from abandoned, filthy storeroom

When the dedicated organization of  Animal Aid Unlimited in  Udaipur, Rajasthan, India were called to help a seriously injured dog found curled up in the corner of an abandoned, filthy storeroom, rescuers rushed to try … Read More