No hope for old dog held at busy animal control agency

Update 1/7/19: Per Petharbor, Atlas has been rescued!!

Is there any hope of better days for an old dog who is being held at a busy California animal control agency? The dog, dubbed Atlas,Read More

Their end is near: Time is running out for St. Landry dogs -HELP

St. Landry Parish Animal Control needs help finding homes for shelter dogs. Their end is near, and time is running out. Sadly, the dogs know their days are limited. They sleep more than they play. … Read More

Man who beat his puppy for defecating in the house sentenced to jail

In Alameda County, California, the man who beat his puppy for defecating in the house will spend time in jail. Joshua Tadduc, 24, plead guilty to felony animal cruelty for brutally beating nine-month-old Aaliyah back … Read More

Dachshund with fireworks strapped to her back rescued on New Year’s Eve

In Houston, Texas, rumors had been circulating about a small dachshund wandering in the neighborhood that had fireworks strapped to her back. The dog was too scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone near her.… Read More

Sad senior dog is unwanted and unseen – will anyone save Charlie?

An incredibly sad, senior dog is being held, unseen by the public, at a busy California animal control agency. The 10-year-old dog, named Charlie, has been at the Los Angeles Animal Services (East Valley Shelter) … Read More

Pointy ear dogs are scary: So says the TSA who are phasing out certain breeds

At airports across the nation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be phasing out pointy ear dogs such as German shepherds because they scare children.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, TSA Administrator … Read More

Heartless person dumped Jack Russell puppy in recycling bin

A heartless person dumped a Jack Russell puppy in a clothes recycling bin in Leeds, United Kingdom on New Year’s Day. The defenseless little one was found behind a pharmacy in Moseley Place on New … Read More

Elderly, injured dog surrendered when she needed her family the most

An elderly dog, 14 years of age, was surrendered to a busy California animal control agency when she needed her family the most. The dog, Katie, is injured and old – she needs love and … Read More

Young, handsome boy with no interest – will he ever leave the shelter?

A young, handsome dog has found himself locked away at a busy California animal shelter. The dog, dubbed Ronald, appears to be happy and healthy…but nobody seems to want him. Can a dog with … Read More

Lost the shine in their eyes: What happens when people dump their dogs?

Rescuers are calling the dogs who have lost the shine in their eyes – “the Street Sisters”. The dogs had been roaming the streets of Dallas, Texas and scrounging for food; no one cared, until … Read More