Too old to have puppies, adorable bulldog kicked to the curb

At the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter in Modesto, California, the sweetest bulldog came in as a stray on January 11. Not only is she likely a purebred, but she is also unaltered. The shelter’s best … Read More

Utterly defeated – young dog in pitiful condition at animal control

A young dog, not even two years of age, appears to have led a life of neglect. The dog, name unknown, is filthy, her ears have been lopped off, and she appears to be utterly … Read More

Heartbreaking: Dumped dog runs after owner’s car at shelter

In Jackson, Mississippi, a heartbreaking video of a dumped dog running after her owner’s car after she was abandoned in the parking lot of a Jackson animal shelter has gone viral.

In the video, posted … Read More

Confused blind dog left at busy animal control after owner died

A young blind dog is sad and confused after being left at a busy California animal control agency. The three-year-old dog, named Henry, has been at the Carson Animal Services facility since December 15.

The … Read More

No puppies, no interest, no hope – young dog forgotten at animal control

A young dog, allowed to become a mother and then left to her own devices, is sitting at a busy California animal control agency without her puppies, without any interest, and without hope. On January … Read More

Dog adopted from shelter as a pup is back, but his family isn’t coming to get him

Three years ago, a handsome German shepherd pup was adopted from the Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter in California. Fast forward to December 18, 2018 – the dog is right back where he … Read More

9 filthy, matted dogs dumped in West Des Moines shelter parking lot

In West DesMoines, Iowa, a man was videoed leaving 9 filthy, matted dogs in the shelter parking lot at Furry Friends Refuge. The dogs were so severely matted, they couldn’t walk.

According to the social … Read More

Update: Owner of abandoned dog left with note at Delaware shelter comes forward

A Delaware shelter caring for an abandoned dog who was found with a note explaining that her owner became homeless and could no longer care for her announced on Wednesday that the skinny dog’s owner … Read More

Stray has never known love – too scared to move at animal control agency

A stray dog, who has most likely never known love, is so scared at a Texas animal control agency that he is unable to move. The mixed breed dog, dubbed Tormund, has been at … Read More

Young German shepherd – a sad stray whose owner never came

A young German shepherd, not even two years of age, is being held at a busy California animal control agency. The dog, known only by her ID number (A1492373) was taken in at the Riverside … Read More