Woman who surrendered dog to shelter to be euth’ed stunned same dog listed for adoption year later

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In Gaithersburg, Maryland, a woman who surrendered her ill dog a year ago to the Montgomery County Animal Services to be euthanized was stunned to find the same dog listed for adoption one year later.

According to Fox News, Kristie Pereira had adopted Beau in December 2022 when he was just a puppy. A few months later, Beau wasn’t acting right, and Kristie took him to the veterinarian where she was told he might have been suffering from a neurological issue; Beau was prescribed medication and told to take him to the ER if he didn’t improve.

Beau did not improve, and Kristie took him to the emergency veterinarian who gave her the option of performing more tests, which were expensive, or possibly euthanizing the puppy because his condition could impair the quality of his life.

And after careful thought, Kristie took Beau back to the shelter, along with the letter from the vet, explaining why she decided to have her puppy put to sleep. Even though she had asked to be with Beau when he was to be euthanized, the policy of the shelter was not to allow anyone to be with their pet.

In the release a dog owner signs with the shelter, it also states if Montgomery County acknowledges the pet is treatable and adoptable, they can treat the dog and list him for adoption.

And that’s what happened.

Veterinarians from the shelter organization examined Beau and after testing, the puppy was diagnosed with a treatable liver issue. He later was listed for adoption.

Kristie wants her dog back and does not understand why, if Beau’s condition was treatable, no one ever reached out to her and told her the puppy’s life could be saved. The shelter, however stated it had been her decision to euthanize the puppy, and had she called back immediately after signing the papers and said she changed her mind, the outcome might have been different.

Last weekend, Kristie saw Beau’s photo on the adoption site and wanted Beau back, however the shelter says it is their policy once a dog is surrendered for euthanasia, it is their policy not to return the pet.

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  1. Once she signed her dog over to the shelter, that was it. She even requested euthanasia. If I were her, I would have gotten a second opinion on the dog’s condition. She didn’t do this and now she’s not able to retrieve her dog. It’s harsh life lesson to get 2 opinions before giving up your furbaby.


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