UPDATE: Badly injured dog howling in pain overnight until help came …

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In Compton, California, a video of a dog, howling in obvious pain lying in front of a house, sent shivers through the community. According to neighbors’ accounts, the young husky had been attacked by another dog who later fled the area and left this pup howling. Although the owners of the home called animal control, no one ever arrived to help.

It was Suzette Hall, founder of  Logan’s Legacy 29, who answered the plea for help yesterday; her heart breaking just looking at him. She immediately went into action. Suzette drove as fast as she could to her emergency veterinarian; during the entire drive, the dog cried out in fear and in pain.

He has been named Joel, and fortunately it appears as if he arrived at the veterinary hospital just in time. His wounds were cleaned, and he has been placed on intravenous fluids for hydration, infection prevention and pain. He will remain in the hospital where he continues to be on 24/7 care. When his condition improves, Joel will undergo surgery, and his wounds will be closed.

Check out Joel’s latest video:


His cries are still echoing in my heart. I am begging for prayers for him. We got him stable. I am not giving up.

Suzette hall

Updated photo. Look how much better he looks:

Looking a lot better!

Now check out the latest video.


No doubt, Joel is feeling better, but his condition remains guarded. We will know today if he can undergo surgery to close the deep wound in his neck.

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Read the entire story of Joel’s journey here.

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