Unwanted and abandoned senior spaniel found tangled in thick brush after her owner passed away

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In Winston, Oregon, a 15-year-old Cocker spaniel is getting the care she deserves after having been found in a creek bed, tangled up in thick brush. Fortunately, Good Samaritans found her and took her to the animal shelter. It wasn’t long before the shelter figured out why she got stuck in the bush; Bandit is nearly blind and deaf and 15 years old.

Bandit was microchipped, and the family was contacted. They claimed they were the children of the owner; an elderly lady who had recently passed away. The family didn’t want Bandit back. Although it cannot be proven, the shelter believes they just dumped poor Bandit.

Animal shelters are overcrowded and often lack the veterinarian help so many senior dogs need, and because Bandit’s age, estimated at 15 and her physical condition, the shelter scheduled her for euthanasia. It had been the Good Samaritans who found her; they decided it wasn’t fair, and Bandit deserved better, so they searched for help.

It was Soul2Soul Animal Rescue, “Hospice Fosters”, located in Roseburg, Oregon, who take in senior dogs and care for them until they pass, who stepped in to help. They had a foster available, and agreed to take in Bandit.

On the ride to the foster Bandit’s first health problem was obvious; a horrible dental infection. The entire car smelled like death in minutes.

Her doctor said it is one of the worst dental infections he has ever seen; dental infections can lead to heart problems. Bandit has a strong heart murmur and arrythmia. The doctor did not want to do surgery on her mouth, requiring anesthesia, with her heart issues.

But, there was good news; her kidneys and liver were strong. So the rescue consulted a veterinary cardiologist, and Bandit started heart medications.

This week she was retested and evaluated by the cardiologist, and cleared for surgery! Surgery will improve Bandit’s quality of life, however donations are needed to cover the cost of the dental procedures. The rescue organization has already spent more than $1,000 on her care and the cardiologist.

All donations are specifically for Bandit, paid to the vet. You can see the estimate below (click to enlarge):

Check out Bandit’s video. She will make your heart smile:

To donate to Bandit’s care, please click here.

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