Rest in paradise sweet boy: Bittersweet rescue of 15 year old Oso

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When 15-year-old Oso was surrendered to the Greenville Animal Control Shelter in Texas a few days ago, the friendly Rottweiler’s story spread quickly through social media. Oso’s family had surrendered him to the high kill shelter because they were moving, and their new home didn’t allow dogs.

Let’s face it – Oso was described as an extremely dog friendly and surely did not deserve to die in a shelter. Oso didn’t seem to have had the best care in his life – the white around his eyes suggested he suffered from vitiligo, and notes indicated he had never been housetrained. Readers shared his story; surely this senior deserved comfort and love.

Pleas went out for help; Pep’s Pals Rescue stepped up. Oso was rushed to Dallas Animal Urgent Care; his health was so concerning that he was moved from fifth in line to first in line when he arrived and rolled in on the gurney; he could not walk and had been struggling to breathe.

Tragically, radiographs revealed the worst news; Oso suffered from late stage lung cancer and a severe case of heartworms. His lungs were filled with a massive tumor, making it extremely difficult to breathe.

we hoped he could have enjoyed his final days, months or however long he might have had if recovery were possible. He collapsed outside of the shelter on his way out and had to be carried to the car. His eyes were crusted shut and he struggled to breathe and walk.


The difficult decision had to be made to send Oso over the Rainbow Bridge. Friends were there and reassured Oso it was alright to go to sleep and never have to suffer again.

We wish Oso knew how many people around the world cared about him and wanted to give him a happily furever after. We wanted that for him. So badly. He deserved that. He went over the rainbow bridge just a little bit ago. Rest in paradise sweet Oso, we wish things could’ve been SO different for you. You will have an amazing time in doggy heaven.


Sadly, Oso’s story is part of rescue. We are all so sorry every story doesn’t end up “happily ever after,” but this dog’s story ended with someone at his side loving him and hopefully sweet memories for everyone who somehow contributed to his story.

Please honor your pledges through one of the methods below. We know there’s more in pledges than what we spent, so we thought it would be wonderful to use the extra funds to save a few more dogs in his honor (if we find committed fosters in the DFW area). Every penny will go to the many dogs in the rescue regardless. Thank you all so much.

We’ve spent $328 so far and we will also have to pay $160 more to the crematorium when his ashes & paw print are ready to be picked up. Please note that your pledge is for “Oso” or in Oso’s honor in memo if possible.

Venmo: @Peps_Pals (last 4 digits of phone number is 2040)

Cash App: $PepsPalsRescue

Zelle: [email protected]

Mail a check to: PEP’S PALS RESCUE, 22311 GEORGIA AVE, P.O. BOX 532, BROOKEVILLE, MD 20833 to donate directly through the links on the website or our donation portal.

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Best friend
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  1. Oso, I am so sorry that you passed away just after caring people came into your life. You deserved to have a good life with a loving furever family. I know that you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group, RIP amongst loving friends furever.

    The POSs who ignored you and failed to care for you have reserved their places in the hottest part of Hell to burn forever for their cruelty and neglect. You deserved so much better than you received……..


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