Prettiest one-year-old shepherd at overcrowded Texas shelter in danger of being put to sleep

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At the overcrowded Dallas Animal Services, any pet past due over the mandatory holding period, without a potential home, is at risk of losing their life. And let’s remember – the dedicated staff and volunteers try their best to help.

A one-year-old German shepherd, dubbed Belle, (A1215428) arrived at the shelter after having been found as a stray at the 1400 block of Wright Street in Dallas, Texas. When she arrived on May 23, 2024, she was listed as a stray and had labored breathing and limping on her back leg possibly the result of having been hit by a vehicle. Her family never came to be reunited with her.

(She weighs 57.90 pounds, is one-year-old and heartworm negative)

Following is the information we want to share in order to give potential adopters and rescuers more information:…/d686a1c6-b7ba-42f5-9303…

Medical Information:

05/23/24 14:06 P appears to be limping on back end, labored breathing, will consult with DVM, pain meds given.

5/24/24-visual examination only. BAR respiration rate and depth only appears to increase over normal with approach. will rise, but will, and is evidently lame left rear. well conditioned.

05/26/24 09:57 pt is BAR and is e/d/u/bm wnl at this time and was standing in kennel.

05/26/24 15:27 Took pet out of kennel and no signs of limping or injury at this time. Had DVM watch pet walk up and down hallway and she did not see any limping or abnormal gait at this time

5/27/24 10:15 p is extremely active. mm pk/moist < 2 secs. pulses strong and synchronous. HR=72bpm, RR=18bpm. there may be mild lung sound depression right lung field. abdominal palpation unremarkable. medial abrasion right rear foot. no perceivable lameness after appendicular manipulation, particularly pelvic limbs. placed “move out” of injured. petrolatum placed on previously “fly struck” ears.


Approached Belle in kennel; she didn’t get up. I opened the kennel door and she remained laying down. Offered her treats, she was not interested until I tossed them on the floor. She allowed pets and seemed to enjoy scratches around her neck. I tossed a few treats away to see if she wanted to get up, and she slowly pulled herself up and moved towards the treats. After getting treats from rear of kennel she did approach me again in the front. She appears to have an abrasion/scratch on her right hind leg.

Please note the most recent entry indicates Belle is currently in foster care. That does not mean she doesn’t need a home.

Dallas Animal Services (Texas)

To adopt: email [email protected] and go to the shelter at 1818 N. Westmoreland

To foster: [email protected] (**must be local to the DFW area**)

Rescue tag: [email protected]

Here at Pet Rescue Report we try our best to feature a pet in immediate need, and we ask that you share their stories with approved rescues, friends, family and social media contacts.

On the Dallas shelter urgent euthanasia list are many beautiful babies everyday, and they need an immediate hero to save their lives! Please consider adoption fostering or rescuing them to save their lives. Email the shelter asap or contact the foster team at 214-671-1928 if you can help. Please share.

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