Minnesota woman calls smart dog a hero for chasing bear ‘that lunged’ at her

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A Maple Grove, Minnesota woman was terrified after having come face to face with three bears searching through her trash this week. She credits her “smart” dog Zeus for “luring” the bear away from her.

According to Kare11News, the scary encounter was caught and videoed on Bailey Jacobsen’s security camera showing the woman screaming and running towards the house after the bear “lunged towards her.” There were three bears all together, but after she screamed the two cubs ran away, however what may have been their mother, chased Zeus – thus protecting her from the bear attacking.

Zeus had been very close to the mother bear and seemed to purposely turn and lead the bear away from Bailey and into the woods. And, instead of running back to the house, Bailey took off after Zeus and the bear screaming at the top of her lungs, and making sure her beloved German shepherd was not injured. 

If you have ever needed that special push to make sure you do not leave trash outside or that your garbage cans are not securely sealed, just watch this video.

Fortunately, there were no injuries to humans, dogs or bears.


A Minnesota woman was full of praise for her dog recently, after she said he was “so smart” for “luring” a bear away from her. #news #fyp #dog #bear

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