Hopes for happy ending: Awesome senior dog stressed at shelter needs home

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At the Guilford County Animal Services in North Carolina, friends and fans of Flava Flav are hoping for a happy ending to his story. This wonderful senior needs a loving home because he is feeling the stress of shelter life and has been losing weight.

Flava Flav is eight years old, weighs 58 pounds and is heartworm positive, although the shelter will provide the needed medication. He would be perfect in a family in search of a laid-back older dog or a fieldtrip companion.

Let’s hear more about Flava Flav you asked?

First let’s deal with the basics:




Terrier, American Pit Bull




63.5 lbs




Adoption Dog 02, Kennel 10



Here’s what he’s all about:


Foster Needed

Good in Public

Good Walker

Good with Dogs

Heartworm Positive


Knows Sit

Medium Energy

Neutered Male

Rescue Needed

Toy Motivated

Treat Motivated

Flava Flav on a Dog Day Out:

Flava Flav is a good boooyyy! He is 8 years old and neutered. Him is da sweetest boy with da cutest chunka munka head you ever did see!


He jumped into the car and made himself comfortable. He is very calm and loves to watch. He knows basic commands and is treat motivated, however he does have to be reminded to be gentle when taking treats (using a flat hand just like with a horse). He does like toys – especially ones that squeak.

In the house, he is well mannered, not destructive at all, house trained and doesn’t jump on counters nor did he want to jump on the couch. The doggy bed or rug does just fine. He had no problem going up and down steps. He does tend to drool, but there’s always paper towels to keep that issue under control.

When it came to bath time, he allowed his human friend to lift him and stood quietly in the tub as he enjoyed a shampoo and rinse. This dog is a lover, and he loves to lie or sit on your lap while you pet his huge adorable head and chest. He also loves to give kisses.

And of course, there’s the leash and walk routine. He does very well. He is recovering from a neck injury so he does use a harness and no collar.

Don’t stop reading yet! Here’s another report on a different Dog Day Out

Flava Flav is just a chill and gentle teddy bear! We just had the best time together doing a casual morning hike in Gibson Park, having lunch, and then the full wash treatment at All Pets Considered. He climbed right into the car and was asleep before we even got to the park. Very relaxed on leash and just explores with his nose. He also showed me that he is:
– Non-reactive to other hikers on trails.
– Knows sit and gentle in taking treats.
– Open to head and body rubs anytime.
– Well-behaved in public places.
– Totally ready to grab a power nap.
– Pretty relaxed while being bathed.
This boy will do very well with a family looking for a relaxed older dog as a home or fieldtrip companion!”

Adoption listing

Note about cats: “He’s a scaredy cat when it comes to a cat! I did not do a test, but he happened to come across our outdoor cat, and he gave him a WIDE radius. Not interested in making friends…”

As always, it is strongly recommend bringing any resident dogs to the shelter for a meet and greet with potential new family members to be sure it’s a good match. If bringing a dog for a meet and greet, please bring proof of up to date rabies, Bordetella, and DHPP vaccines.

Check out the video as he snacks on a doggie ice cream treat:


To meet your future pet, come to Guilford County Animal Services between 12 and 4 any day except Tuesday!

If you are interested in becoming Flava Flav’s foster, to give him a break from the shelter, please reach out to our foster coordinator, Kendelle Federico, at [email protected]

(Meridith Osborne Berger resharing, photo courtesy of Meredith and the shelter)

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