Heartwarming: St. Bernard trapped up to neck in deep hole rescued by Omaha firefighters

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The Omaha Fire Department responded to an urgent call this past weekend involving a St. Bernard dog who found herself in a most precarious situation. The nine-year-old dog had fallen into a hole during an excavation project in her owner’s backyard. Who would have thought Minnie would have gotten herself in such a compromising position?

When the A-Shift arrived, they saw Minnie trapped in the deep hole; her head and her front paws visible. The crew worked for 20 minutes carefully digging around the dog and watching for signs of distress or difficulty breathing. Along with the Nebraska Humane Society and the Omaha Police Department, Minnie was able to be safely extracted from the hole with no injuries.

Minnie was checked over by personnel from the Nebraska Humane Society and happily reunited with her family.

We were honored to assist in this situation and love helping animals in our community. We’re incredibly proud of our team for their swift and skillful response, ensuring a happy ending for Minnie and her family. Great job, everyone!

A-Shift Crews Involved: B2, M5, E5, & T34


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