Heartless and cruel: Driver intentionally struck stray dog now in care of Texas rescue group

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Just when you run out of words writing about animal cruelty, another heartbreaking story comes across your desk. On Tuesday, rescue organization ThisIsHouston alerted their volunteers and followers about another heartless act.

A young stray dog, living on the streets of Cleveland, Texas, not bothering anyone except looking to survive by scavenging for food, was on his way to the emergency veterinarian hospital. Meet Apollo – he had intentionally been struck by a car!

Tragically, there are many abandoned dogs in the Palm Grove area of Cleveland, and these dogs, by no fault of their own, are shot, poisoned and intentionally killed. Apollo became another one of those victims of heartbreaking animal cruelty.

The accident was captured on video. It was a head on accident; miraculously this pup survived. The driver did not slow down or try to avoid the dog who had been walking in the middle of a country road. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan spotted Apollo laying in the ditch on the side of the road and rushed out to help.

Apollo arrived at the emergency veterinarian, and radiographs show a severe L6 vertebral fracture with luxation. At this time he is not able to use his back legs and will need surgery to stabilize his spine. If he is able to undergo surgery, veterinarian surgeons say he has a chance to recover.

Spinal injuries are very tough and very costly, but it’s possible to recover. You guys know us — we’ll do what we can to give him the best chance at a full recovery.


You can watch the video here. Please know this video is very disturbing and graphic; not suitable for all viewers.


Please help us help Apollo.

Ways to help:


Venmo @ThisIsHouston


Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

Cash App $ThisIsHouston

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