Friendliest pup walks over to woman on beach for hugs for one of his final sunsets

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In Tampa, Florida, the Davis Island Beach is a popular pet friendly beach recently visited by Jaysa Vega while taking photos of the magnificent sunsets and the hermit crabs digging in the sand.

It was while enjoying the evening with her friend, when an elderly dog walked over to them and began to solicit some friendship and affection after sitting down right next to the women. For the first few moments as the dog, named Frank approached, the women weren’t sure how friendly he was, but in no time he seemed to be enjoying the hugs and pats the two women offered.

Shortly, Frank’s owner approached, and told the women that Frank had terminal cancer, and she brought him to one of his favorite places – the beach – in order to enjoy the sunset, the sand, the gentle roar of the waves and an occasional friend he might meet to give him those hugs and scratches dogs enjoy.

According to Newsweek, the joy Jaysa felt when meeting Frank had been overshadowed by the sadness knowing Frank’s end of life was not far away.

it was so upsetting to us that this sweet dog’s life was going to be over soon, and the owner seemed so loving towards him that it made us even sadder. My heart aches whenever i hear of bad news about animals, as i’ve had some experiences of my own, but we wanted to be some sort of comfort for this lady and her pooch.


Other people had been at the beach at the same time – lots of stuff going on – celebrating graduations, birthdays and happy occasions, but knowing Frank’s life would soon be over.

And when the women left the beach, they cried – thinking of Frank and his family.

Check out the TikTok video. It has garnered more than 5.7 million views.
the one and only · Creator this was such a serene moment bc you can hear a family laughing in the back and we saw someone take graduation photos. like life is so weird and special”

Cherish everyday, be kind and appreciate the beauty of a sunset, the gentle gallop of a horse, a baby taking his first steps and dogs running up to us and filling our hearts with joy.

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