Four months later at shelter and sweetest dog’s spirit has lost all hope breaking our hearts

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At the Fulton County Regional SPCA in New York, this is what 128 days of shelter life is like for Tyson. His spirit has broken, and this sweet boy has lost hope for ever finding a family of his own.

The shelter staff tells us Tyson is scared, anxious, sad and confused. He is beginning to demonstrate the heartbreaking classic signs of kennel stress which include pacing in circles and not wanting to come out of his kennel cage.

Our sweet Tyson is beginning to show signs of decline at the shelter. He is pacing in circles in his kennel, refusing to come outside – even for snacks. Shelter life is breaking Tyson’s spirit and Tyson is breaking our hearts


Shelter life is not only breaking Tyson’s desire to be with friends, but watching him is breaking the hearts of the shelter staff. Here is how they describe this worthy pup languishing in his shelter kennel no longer believing he will ever have a real home with a real family.

Tyson is one of the sweetest, most snuggly boys we have ever met. He is four years young, good with other dogs and can live with cats. He is not a high energy or high maintenance pup. He’s content to just lay on the couch and watch you work, or take a stroll after dinner to smell the flowers. He truly is the very best boy and just wants a forever human to cuddle with.

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Please share Tyson’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Let’s help him find his family. We have helped so many dogs, cats and other pets (horses too) on Pet Rescue Report – we can’t give up now.

More about Tyson:

Tyson, a shy and cautious gentleman who prefers the quiet corners of life to the spotlight. With a heart of gold and a penchant for observation, he’s a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered. This thoughtful soul takes in the world with a gentle curiosity, but once you crack his shell, you’ll find the loyal best friend you’ve been looking for.

• 4 years old
• 65 lbs.
• Good with dogs, can live with cats

Available for Adoption

Pet ID # D24008GS

Gloversville, NY

 Adoption Information

 Donation Information

More about Tyson: Good with Dogs

House trained: Up-to-date with vaccines

Organization Contact Info:

Regional SPCA

117 West Fulton St

Gloversville, NY 12078

(518) 725-5956

[email protected]

Apply to meet Tyson:

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