Community outraged after police officer shot and killed blind, deaf 13-pound dog

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In Sturgeon, Missouri, a community is outraged after a Sturgeon Police Department officer shot and killed a 13-pound, blind and nearly deaf ShihTzu on Sunday.

According to the City of Sturgeon’s Facebook post, the officer “put down” the dog after the officer said he feared the dog had rabies.

A statement on the Facebook page began. Mind you now, this was a small 12-pound dog:

on 5/19/2024 at 1717, the sturgeon Police department received a call out for an injured animal at large. an officer with SPD arrived and located the animal. the spd officer immediately noticed the dog was behaving strangely and displaying signs of possible injuries and/or what the officer perceived to be rabid behavior.

Facebook post

Furthermore, the owner of the dog had already reported his dog named Teddy missing.

the officer also noticed the animal did not have a collar or a tags. The SPD officer made numerous attempts to capture the dog using the catch pole.


And then the officer made his decision:

based on the behavior exhibited by the dog, believing the dog to be severely injured or infected with rabies, and as the officer feard being bitten and being infected ith rabies, the SPD officer felt that his only option was to put the animal down.


The explanation continued, and it was later determined Teddy’s erratic behavior was because he was blind.

There have been more than 500 comments on the City of Sturgeon’s Facebook.

The dog’s owner, Nick Hunter stated the officer told him, he doesn’t enjoy shooting dogs and was sorry this had happened. Hunter had already reported his dog missing after Teddy had escaped his kennel; his collar slipped off. Hunter doubts Teddy’s fate would have been any different had he still been wearing his collar.

According to AbcNews, a video showed Hunter’s discussion with the officer who never mentioned rabies; the dog’s vaccinations were up-to-date. The officer went strictly off his opinion that Teddy walked with his head turned sideways, and therefore there was something terribly wrong with him – of course a dog who is blind and deaf would display such behavior.

The day of the shooting, Hunter had been out to dinner. He received a call that his dog was found. The person who found Teddy had called Boone County Joint Communications and told them the dog was not a threat, according to previous reporting. Teddy had been sitting next to them and drinking water waiting for an officer.

In a letter to the City of Sturgeon, an anonymous author stated his teenage daughter had witnessed the officer shoot the dog, and at that same time, there were young children playing in the immediate area. What other dangers could have occurred the person wanted to know?

People in the neighborhood also stated the 13-pound dog was “friendly” and no one would ever have suspected the little pooch had rabies or appeared dangerous or even vicious.

Your thoughts?

Rest in peace Teddy.

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  1. I live in Jasper County Missouri. My 15 year old nearly blind and deaf 3 pound chihuahua escaped my fenced in yard in April. Charley wandered into my neighbors yard and he shot him 3 times with a 45!
    Cops told me he Had the right to shoot him because he had a right to protect his property! NO CHARGES! THREE POUND DOG!
    We have laws against shooting companion animals but rural counties do not enforce all of Missouri’s laws because they cannot afford it, that’s what I was told by my county commissioner!
    I hate Missouri!

    • I am so sorry for your tragic loss. It would be amazing if an animal rights attorney would be able to help you sue your POS neighbor into oblivion (& obtain justice for your furbaby).

  2. The Missouri cop who killed Teddy is a COWARD and that’s the best thing I can say about him. It’s abundantly clear from the body cam footage that this officer was frightened of Teddy, the blind and deaf 13-pound Shih Tzu (he stated multiple times “I’m not going to let you bite me”) and that he was simply tired of dealing with the situation. So he fired 2 rounds into the very small and friendly dog (demonstrating his skills as a marksman, proving his firearms abilities were as advanced as his bravery and intelligence). He needs to be fired and charged with every crime that even slightly fits the situation; animal cruelty, reckless discharge or a firearm, child endangerment and quite likely conspiracy to commit fraud and cover-up other crimes, along with the mayor of hickville — I mean sturgeon and everyone else who had knowledge of and / or participating in publishing the ridiculous statement of support. COWARDS all, as well as being despicable things that do not even qualify as human!

    • That POS so called cop deserves a taste of his own treatment. I hope he can be sued into oblivion by a good animal attorney. It is absolutely disgusting that this helpless and harmless furbaby was murdered simply because that POS had a gun and refused to deal with a lost furbaby.

  3. They work FOR YOU, it’s YOUR TAXES that pay these murderous pigs to kill blind dogs while putting children in the line of fire. If you know there are corruption issues, then VOTE OUT those who have the power to stop this but don’t. We had a lot of issues with the sheriff’s office throughout Arizona and it was a high profile effort, but we finally got control back. Next time it very well could be ONE of YOUR CHILDREN.

  4. This crazy cop needs to be put down as he is a danger to society and cannot be trusted with a firearm. We need to put overwhelming pressure on the district attorney’s office to have firing a weapon in a public neighborhood risk of injury to nearby children and animal cruelty charge filed against this rouge criminal cop.


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