Caramelo the horse: Heartwarming rescue from rooftop after massive floods

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The recent floods that ravaged Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil brought not only devastation but also a story of resilience and heartwarming rescue. A brave horse, nicknamed Caramelo for his beautiful brown coat, became a beacon of hope amidst the rising waters.

Caramelo’s plight began when he found himself trapped on the rooftop of a building, isolated and frightened. News helicopter footage captured his predicament, sparking a social media frenzy. Brazilians rallied behind the horse, with celebrities like Felipe Neto, a prominent digital influencer, and First Lady Rosângela da Silva calling for his rescue.

The horse had been balancing on two narrow strips of slippery asbestos, and according to NbcNews, had been stranded for days.

we found the animal in a debilitated state. We tried to approach in a calm way.

San Paulo firefighter

Local authorities, realizing the gravity of the situation, sprang into action. A joint effort between the Canoas Fire Department and the Brazilian Army formed a daring rescue plan. Firefighters, utilizing a Brazilian Army helicopter, managed to reach Caramelo on the roof. They sedated and immobilized the 770 pound horse and laid him out on an inflatable raft. The entire rescue effort included four inflatable boats, four support vessels and a number of firefighters, soldiers and other volunteers.

Caramelo’s dramatic rescue, broadcasted live on television, offered a much-needed moment of relief to a city struggling with the floods. The story transcended borders, showcasing the unwavering spirit of both the horse and the people who came to his aid. Social media influencer Felipe Neto kept his more than 17 million followers updated on X, and after the horse was rescued, offered to adopt him.

caramelo, brazil loves you!!!! My god, what happiness.

Felipe Neto on X

Seven-year-old Caramelo is now safe and receiving veterinary care, with plans to find him a loving forever home once the flood situation stabilizes. It is thought he had been used as a draft horse for a cart and is very gentle.

His story serves as a testament to the power of community and the unwavering bond between humans and animals. There have been more than 10,000 animals rescued since last week’s flooding and volunteers have been able to rescue thousands more. The rains and flooding have killed at least 107 people and many more are still missing.

(Photos via screenshots from YouTube videos)

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