Bear breaks into home and leaves with only a pack of Oreos

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In Monrovia, California, a bear broke into a home on Friday and left with just one item – a bag of Oreo cookies. Seems this bear has a sweet tooth and appreciates chocolate, so who can blame him? But still, breaking into homes to steal cookies and scaring people while destroying their belongings, isn’t cool at all!

According to Abc7News, the incident occurred at the 200 block of Canyon Crest Drive. Video that can be seen below shows the bear breaking into the home through a screened window and then coming out of the house with that well known blue bag of Oreo cookies in his mouth.

And of course, the bear who has now been named Oreo by the community, scared local residents. Just a week ago, a smaller bear broke into the same family’s car and guess what he was after? – If you said a bag of Oreo cookies you’re 100% correct!

As if chocolate might be the sweet dessert of choice for bears, this isn’t the first time they have pursued their passion. Another neighbor told the news they had a similar experience last year when a bear broke into their garage and stole a chocolate cake out of the refrigerator.

Bears have been common visitors to the neighborhood, but residents believe this bear, is as Yogi would say, “smarter than the average bear.” Neighbors don’t want the bears killed, but would recommend the bears be relocated. So far there have not been any injuries, but it’s scary and could be dangerous.

Because the bears have not shown any aggression, there have not been any formal complaints to wildlife officials, but the bears have to move on – and stop stealing the chocolate cookies.

It’s important to exercise caution and heed the warnings of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife by making sure trash is secured and yards are kept clear of overgrown bushes. If you encounter a bear, don’t run; they can run as fast as a racehorse. Make yourself look big. Spread your arms or wave a coat. Stand on a rock if need be.

If the bear approaches, stand your ground, stay calm and give the bear the opportunity to leave on his own. If you have bear spray, spray as the bear approaches.

Report the incident.

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