Woman’s story went viral on Twitter when she poured water over her neighbor’s kid after he poured water over her cat

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An Edinburgh’s woman’s story developed into a tense situation over the weekend, after she threw some water over her neighbor’s “10-year-old” kid because he threw a cup of water over her cat. The woman who uses @shannoncooperox on Twitter posted the following:

When Shannon revealed on Twitter what she had done, it didn’t take long before a rather combative debate ensued over who was wrong or right. Some Twitter users warned Shannon that she could be charged with assault, while others insisted she should have just gone over to the neighbor’s home and told them about their mischievous kid.

On the other side of the debate were Shannon’s defenders, posting that messing with someone’s cat just to be a jerk is totally uncalled for, and maybe the kid learned a lesson?

More than 578k liked her thread and 71k retweeted the posts. In a subsequent response Shannon did explain that the kid and the neighbor finally did laugh about the situation, and that the kid was really 13-years-old, but looked a lot younger. At the time, the kid’s father didn’t know what his son had done, and that’s why he was so angry at the beginning.

people r so mad over this, the kid and his dad were laughing about it today. we r friends (also might i add the dad never knew what his son done which is why he was mad to begin with)also the kid is 13 he rlly looks fkn 10 lmao

Shannon on Twitter

Although the situation was able to be corrected without any repercussions, it does raise the conversation about parenting, about animal cruelty and about revenge.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. My cats have always been indoor cats. I was thinking about converting our deck into a “catio”, but my husband vetoed the idea😢😢😢 I don’t want to worry*** about my furbabies being outside, so they are inside the house all the time……

    Perhaps a safe outdoor area for her cat would be a better option than simply having her cat outside. There are too many dangers for “outside furbabies”……. cars, diseases, predators…….

    *** (in our area, we have lots of predators around who would snag a small dog or a cat in a heartbeat…… including: coyotes, bald eagles, hawks, owls…….)

  2. No problem
    Anyone, no matter age (6-600) messes with ANY of my animals, will get a can of whoop-ass
    If the parents complain, I will simply notify my “family” contacts and turn the bastard into an an orphan

    ANY of my animals are far supoeriie and far more important than any human
    Could not care less about genetically inferior whining assholes that have a problem with this
    You handle your way, I handle move and no need to respond since you do NOT matter
    Just stay out of my face or you will need a body bag

    Will always protect my animals over ANY useless, subhuman and inferior human


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