UPDATE: Throwaway pup with elephant skin and ears lopped off slowly improving

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On Thursday, a stray dog, now named Lenny, was found at Landsdowne; an area on the east side of Youngstown, Ohio. That day became the throwaway pup’s luckiest day; Lenny was rescued by the Friends of Fido, volunteers who are committed to assisting the dogs needing help from Mahoning County Dog Pound.

Most of Lenny’s coat is gone, revealing the hardened and crusted elephant type skin. His ears had been haphazardly cut off, with one ear larger than the other. Half of his tail is missing, and he has open sores sores all over his body. It appears as if he had been wearing a collar recently, but that had been removed from his neck; maybe the dog had wiggled out of his collar or maybe someone took it off so as not to be able to identify their dog ever again?

Lenny’s veterinarian examination confirmed he suffers from Sarcoptic Mange which is highly contagious to both humans and dogs. His wounds are likely self-inflicted from constantly having to scratch. His hair loss is the result of the mange. While being treated with daily baths, medication and itch relieving salves, Lenny remains in quarantine.

And now, just a few days later, Lenny is already showing a marked improvement:

…He was absolutely miserable and basically was shut down. No emotions at all. [Today] he gets excited for treats and gobbles them up quickly – looking for more. His appetite is great. His skin is red raw, but he doesn’t seem to be more uncomfortable than he was days ago. He likely has a high tolerance for this agony he is in.


The swelling on his face has subsided, and now there’s a light in his eyes he didn’t have when he was rescued on Thursday. And the best of all – Lenny is now making eye contact with his rescuers; something he had no desire to do just two days ago. Today, his rescuers tell us Lenny moved to his water bowl quicker – he seems stronger and maybe he senses that humans really do care about him, and there is indeed a reason to want to live.

He has no reason to trust us but he does.

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Check out his video. This was his past life:


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