UPDATE: Elusive white dog who lived with coyotes reunited with his family

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In Henderson, Nevada, an elusive white dog spotted many times living in the desert with coyotes and finally captured has now been reunited with his owners. A recent update from the Animal Foundation shared the news that the dog dubbed “Ghost” had been on a ten-day legal hold and posted a video of the dog readjusting to domestic life. On Monday, the dog and his family enjoyed the heartwarming reunion.


Many people came forward insisting Ghost was their dog, however all of the information collected, determined which family Ghost really belonged to before he became lost. The fight for custody of the dog became bitter between the Las Vegas family and the women who had rescued the dog.

According to Southern Nevada Trapping Team, Ghost, is believed to have been with the coyotes for eight months. Whenever anyone tried to capture him, Ghost would disappear – hence his name. And then there had been sightings of the dog limping, looking very undernourished and sickly.  It was then that Susan McMullen and her partner Timi Zondiros of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team, were notified that Ghost had been injured.Community residents feared the coyotes could turn on Ghost.

For days Timi and Susan searched the desert and set humane traps. On January 28, Ghost was rescued.

The women reached out to social media as well as Pawboost, and no one came forward to claim the dog as their lost pet; that is until, the women contend, they ran a successful Go Fund Me, and all sorts of individuals suddenly came forward claiming the dog belonged to them. Hence, a bitter dispute and custody battle ensued with the Animal Foundation since feeling confident the dog has been returned to his rightful owners.

The four-year-old dog’s real name – Hades, is now back with his family after photos, videos and documentation showed the family owned the dog before he went missing.

The family is overjoyed, and on Monday Hades greeted his family with lots of kisses and waggy tail stuff.

The women from the Amor Peludo Animal Rescue have not given up hope yet of reclaiming the dog who contend the dog is not Hades. The rescue organization has retained an attorney.

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