Too adorable: Keanu Reeves cuddles avalanche of puppies on late night television quiz

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It had to have been one of the most adorable segments on Thursday’s Tonight Show, hosted by Jinny Fallon when Keanu Reeves joined the show for a Pup Quiz. The rules were pretty clear cut – every time Keanu answered a question correctly, he got to cuddle an adorable golden retriever puppy. And if he got the answer wrong, the cuddles would go to his opponent who happened to be Jimmy.

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the pile of adorable puppies surrounded the actor, and he loved every minute of it!

As the game began, Keanu seemed a bit saddened, admitting he doesn’t do well at games, but with a bit of help from Pup Quiz host Steve Higgins, Reeves answered the first question correctly, and it wasn’t long before one of the golden floofs landed on his lap all ready for puppy love.

That’s unfair. First of all, I’m not taking a puppy away from john Wick. Just saying that right now!

Jimmy Fallon

And it wasn’t long as the correct answers kept rolling in to Reeves, that a bevy of puppies all cuddled up with him on his recliner; one especially cute one spotted gnawing at his tie.

Who’s the puppy king? I’m the puppy king!


When the questions were all answered, the puppies went on a bender as they ran all around on the stage.

In case, you haven’t noticed, John Wick 4 is back in action. Check it out the movie on March 24th.

(Photo via screenshot from Tonight Show)

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