Senior pup rescued from street has fans smiling with his love for pajamas and the couch

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Phillip is a senior boy who had been suffering for far too long on the streets of Houston. ThisIsHouston, a non-profit all breed rescue organization, had been messaged about the dog back in December when he first appeared at someone’s work location. At the time, there were no volunteers available to foster him, since the shelter does not have a facility.

ThisIsHouston receives from 20 to 50 messages a day about dogs in need, and as much as they would like to help all of them, the demand is overwhelming. Phillip’s finder, however messaged the rescue again just a few days ago, and this time she reported the dog was in worse shape than a few months ago and couldn’t get up.

The rescue put out a plea on social media begging for help, and ONE person said yes, and now Phillip has been rescued. The 10-year-old dog’s body condition is currently a 2/9. He is emaciated, heartworm positive, has multiple superficial wounds all over his body, severe arthritis, sarcoptic mange and infected eyes. When he was brought in, he was severely dehydrated and spent a few days on intravenous fluids.

Despite all that’s physically wrong with Phillip, he’s a gentle giant. He loves head scratches and will lean into you when you pet his head. No one knows what his past was like, but now he is guaranteed a loving future for however long he has left.

And for the positive news about Phillip, who knew he would have a special affinity for the couch and pajamas? Maybe, somewhere in his past Phillip had a family who loved him and dressed him in these adorable outfits? We can hope.

Turns out this big boy is a fan of PJ’s and couches! It didn’t take him long to find his way to the couch and now he’s stuck on one like glue! He’s such a gentle boy and can make everyone around him fall in love. He’s 62lbs and so very skinny, but he’ll gain some much needed weight soon! He also goes in for a vet recheck this week to further assess his eyes & skin.

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Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

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Updates on Phillip to follow.

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