Seattle family drives 2600 miles to adopt husky with lopsided grin

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A husky who was born with a facial deformity, which makes him appear to have a lopsided grin, caught the eye of a family from Seattle after they saw his photo on the adoption site with the San Diego County Department of Animal Services.

According to CBS8News, Sherry Lankston, her children and the family dog, drove through a winter storm through Southern California after seeing the funny smile on the husky named Harvey. Although, Sherry knew by the time they arrived at the shelter, Harvey could already have been adopted, but that was okay too.

Here we go. San Diego bound.

Day 1

Operation meet #Harveythehusky

(Note: if he’s adopted before we get there… I’ll still be thrilled)

San Diego Dept Of Animal Services – Carlsbad


It had been Joy Ollinger, a humane officer with the department, who had posted Harvey’s photos and of other dogs needing homes, and it had been the grin on the dog’s face that enabled the calling to adopt him.

It’s a long long drive with 2 little kids and a dog needing alternating potty breaks because of course they can’t sync it up 😆

We’ll get there tonight and go meet him tomorrow ♡♡


And now the family, Harvey who has obviously already pushed his way into the family, are on on their way home. Oh, what a trip – 2600 mile round trip, but it was all worth it.

How about adopting your next best friend? Click here for more information about the dogs and cats available for adoption through the San Diego Department of Animal Services.

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