Search and Rescue K9 attacked by alligator while on missing person mission

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In the southwestern canals of Florida, a service dog named Dutch, from Peace River K9 Search and Rescue, (PRSAR) was attacked by an alligator on Sunday while on a search mission for a missing person.

According to Newsweek, the eight-year-old dog suffered a “nasty bite” when an alligator struck him in the right shoulder. Fortunately, the gator’s bottom fang missed puncturing the dog’s lung by centimeters but the top fang went through the dog’s tricep right down to the bone.

Dutch had been at the shoreline when the attacked occurred, and although the work of the search and rescue dogs often take them to the most dangerous and unsavory spots, this attack came as a complete surprise.

We had not seen any gators or activity in the area. Earlier in the week we did see a 4-foot gator hanging around and we belive that was the culprit here.

Michael Hadsell, president at PRSAR to Newsweek

Dutch, a German shepherd, was treated for his bite and veterinarians are keeping a close watch over the dog to make sure he doesn’t develop any infections. He’s now being pampered and getting lots of love and attention.

Dutch has been a search and rescue dog for five years and is certified in water rescue and for help with detection of living people as well as for the detection of human remains.

Wishing you a fast and complete recovery Dutch.

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