Runaway chihuahua does daring sprints down New York City highway

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Imagine a tiny chihuahua running down a busy highway and initiating a rather large car chase when this tiny peanut ran away after having been spooked by another dog; causing the little guy to high tail it away as fast as those tiny little legs would take him.

The chihuahua’s name is Bean, and his owner told news media that the panicked pooch escaped under a hole in the fence after meeting up with another dog that just scared the daylights out of him.

According to CnnNews, when drivers on the Staten Island Expressway realized a loose chihuahua had been running along the highway, more than 20 cars stopped to slow down traffic to make sure the little dog would not be accidentally hit by a vehicle.

And that’s when the fancy rescue efforts began. First Kaitlyn McGinley spotted another woman, Ella Wolskawoja joining other Good Samaritans trying to capture frightened Bear. The dog ran under her car and hid behind the tire. That’s when she was able to scoop him up and return him back to his owner.

Check out the video. The rescuers were just undeterred.

Check it out!

Many thanks to the heroes who helped save a life.

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Helpful pup 😉
Brave kitty 😉

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  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who helped save this precious little treasure and return him to his family. I hope the fence is fixed ASAP so that this precious little treasure doesn’t escape again.


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