Queens dog groomer charged with animal abuse after death of young Maltese

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In Queens, New York a dog groomer was arrested late last week and charged with animal abuse after a four-year-old Maltese died while being groomed.

According to NbcNews, Lee Yat Sing from Flushing, was arraigned on Wednesday in connection with the death of the tiny Maltese named Kele. The dog had been dropped off at Furry Babies Pet Grooming on March 2. Surveillance videos from inside of the shop showed Sing hitting the dog with scissors, lifting the dog up by her head and “aggressively and inappropriately manipulating” the dog.

Additionally, seven-pound Kele had been lifted off the table by her head and neck, pulled by her beard, struggled and resisted the entire grooming session later showing to be having difficulty breathing. She eventually passed out, and Sing did not seek help or administer any life saving procedures.

Although the dog had gone limp and unresponsive, for the next six minutes Sing continued to groom her.

A necropsy done on the dog showed the otherwise healthy dog died from respiratory failure as a result of the abuse which caused bruising, pain and distress.

When we entrust our beloved pets to caretakers, they should be returned to us in the same healthy condition.

Instead, this pet owner learned his dog had cruelly died during a routine grooming service. we will hold the defendant accountable for his actions.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz

The defendant pleaded not guilty; his lawyer told the court it had been a tragic accident.

Sing is due back in court in July.

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