Poor pup lives alone on first floor of home because of his ‘allergies’

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In the suburbs of New York City, a sweet dog named Reggie has been living a very lonely and secluded life after being moved to the first floor of his home because of his “allergies.” Sadly, Reggie has already lost 40 pounds and is in serious need of help.

Reggie had been adopted from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC nearly six years ago, and it wasn’t until this week when his adopters contacted the rescue organization that Reggie must be returned as soon as possible. Because a RDR dog is “forever” at this rescue, volunteers are quickly working to remove him from his previous home and transfer him to the organization’s partner veterinarian for a complete physical examination and subsequent workup and evaluation.

The previous owners never authorized a $30.00 skin scrapping last year that could have helped to diagnose Reggie’s “allergies.”

Adopting a dog is a commitment that pet parents should carefully consider. Yes, just like people, dogs get sick and need help. There is help out there – you just have to be diligent and ask. The owners could have easily contacted RDR for help; these wonderful rescuers are ALWAYS there to help.

Reggie could sure use your help.

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