Police officer in North Dakota trudged through waist-deep snow to rescue owl with broken wing

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In Fargo, North Dakota, a police officer trudged through waist-deep snow to rescue an owl with a broken wing. In a Facebook post by the Fargo Police Department, it had been FPD Community Service Officer Aventi who responded to a call from a residence about a stranded owl.

When the officer arrived, she found a large great horned owl with a broken wing, and although it is not the usual protocol for the FPD to respond to wildlife related calls; they are typically referred to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. CSO Aventi recognized the owl needed immediate assistance, so she contacted Game and Fish to receive clearance from their department to remove the owl and arrange for veterinary care.

CSO Aventi waded through waist-high snow in an attempt to rescue the owl. As she approached the bird, he jumped down into a window well, so CSO Aventi returned to her vehicle to retrieve a net to safely recover him.

Once the officer was able to secure the owl in her van, she transferred him to Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton — the closest permitted raptor rehabilitator to Fargo — for veterinary care for his broken wing. The owl had an identification band on his leg, which indicated he was born in early 2022 and came from the area of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

CSO Aventi’s willingness to go the extra mile in this situation demonstrates her commitment to the Fargo Police Department’s mission and core value of Guardianship: FPD will guard, protect and preserve all life and property in the #Fargo community as well as each other.


You’re awesome CSO Aventi. You are no doubt a hero, and we are so proud of you.

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