PA State Police discover five white German shepherd puppies huddled in a ditch on side of road

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Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania State Police contacted the ANNA Shelter after they found a pet carrying crate in a ditch on the side of a busy highway in Erie County. Officers investigated the odd discovery after noticing the crate door had been open and empty. And then, about 60 yards from the crate, on the opposite side of the road, they discovered five very frightened white German shepherd puppies huddled in a pile trying to stay warm.

Miraculously, the puppies were all able to be triaged, and although they were cold and hungry are now comfortably resting at the shelter.

It is believed the puppies had at one time been for sale. They each wore very tight Velcro color coded collars indicating their sexes. It is believed someone knows where these puppies came from and how and why the crate with the puppies trapped inside ended up in a ditch.

Authorities are asking the public for information. Perhaps someone had seen these little ones advertised for sale on Craigslist or on another social media platform? Please share their photo and the circumstances how and when the puppies were discovered. Had it not been for these very alert officers, these innocent puppies could have easily been hit on the road, picked up by predators or starved to death.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Officer Duckett – text/call 814.572.5913 or email [email protected].

The puppies are currently being quarantined, but will be available for adoption as soon as possible. If interested, please email an application to [email protected].

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