Missing German shepherd puppy found stuck in tree 25 feet in air

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In El Dorado County, California, the case of a missing 10-month-old German shepherd puppy came to a surprising resolution on Monday after she was spotted stuck in a tree more than 25 feet in the air.

No kidding!

According to KcraNews, Luna had been missing since Sunday. It had been unusual for the frisky puppy to disappear, but she was nowhere to be found. The puppy’s owner, Brian Spies, searched for her all day and had been afraid she might have been injured.

Now here’s the exciting part of this stranger than fiction story. The next day, two of Spies’ friends, Luka Bogdanovich and Jared Johnson, just happened to look up and spotted Luna high up in the tree Not once did the dog bark or whimper. The tree is on a slight incline, and it’s thought that Luna had been chasing a squirrel, but still that was an epic climb.

Spies had to bring his 24-foot extension ladder to rescue Luna out of the tree. He hugged the 70 pound puppy in his arms, and with his friends as spotters below, Spies carefully climbed down the ladder.

And for the day, Luna was quite tired, but puppies nap when they want and when she woke up, she was back to the playful shepherd she always was – her two dog roomies to share her story perhaps?

Check out the video:

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