Man who fatally shot Bexar County K9 officer sentenced to life in prison

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In San Antonio, Texas, the man who shot and killed a Bexar County Sheriff’s Officer K-9 in 2019 was sentenced to life in prison on Friday.

According to News4A, Matthew Mireles was convicted in December of firing a deadly shot to K-9 Officer Chucky while engaged in a chase involving deputies from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Mireles was found guilty of aggravated assault on a police officer, evading arrest and being a felon in the possession of a firearm.

While K9 Chucky charged the suspect, the suspect opened fire striking Chucky two times. However, despite Chucky being wounded by the suspect’s gunfire, K9 Chucky continued to charge at the suspect. Chucky was able to successfully bite the suspect on the arm in an attempt to subdue him, allowing for BCSO Deputies and DPS Troopers to return fire striking the suspect multiple times.

Deputies and Troopers took the suspect into custody.

K9 Chucky succumbed to his wounds on-scene. K9 Chucky had served with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office for 5 years and is survived by his handler Deputy Rasmussen.


K-9 Chucky had been set loose to chase and help to apprehend Mireles. The dog had not been wearing a protective vest, because there was no time to put one on him, as the officers had been in the middle of a pursuit.

Justice does not tolerate those who endanger others, show no respect for the lives of our citizens and habitually commit crime after crime.

Joe Gonzales DA in press release

Mireles had been identified as a Mexican gang member with nine prior felony convictions.

Rest in peace K9 Chucky. You died protecting your fellow officers.

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Jealous pup.

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